Jeffrey On… the Toronto Election, Halloween and Naked Book Clubs

Did The Gay Groom get naked?

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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A Quick Message for Spirit Day

Yep, I’m wearing purple…

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom

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Jesus Meets the Gay Man (not me, some other gay man)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.38.50 PM

Here is my most recent article for Pink Play Magazine:

For filmmaker Jean-Claude Lafond, the documentary is a powerful tool, one that can create dialog between members of what have been two historically antagonistic communities: Christians and gays.

In his new documentary, Jesus Meets the Gay Man, Lafond, along with his co-producer and co-writer, Timothy F H Doucette, explore an interesting idea: What would Jesus say if he met a gay man today…

To finish reading the entire Pink Play Magazine article click here.

 Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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Jeffrey talks autumn, naked book clubs and marriage.

Jeffrey talks autumn, naked book clubs and marriage..


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Naked Book Club: Now this should be interesting

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.18.24 PMLet it not be said that I don’t go all out for my readers.

I was asked if the rumour was true that a naked book club in Toronto was going to read and discuss my novel, Shirts and Skins.

Yes, they are.

I was also asked if the rumour was true that I was going to attend said naked book club to discuss my novel with them.

Yes, I am.

Finally, I was also asked whether I was going to be clothed or naked at said book club this Thursday.

You will have to wait for the next blog to find out.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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Our Wood Anniversary


Last evening at Le Select French restaurant.

Who knew the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary was wood?

“Wood?” I said to The Husband “that’s what I always give you.”

It’s hard to believe I have been doing this blog for five years. I started The Gay Groom even before I started writing my novel, Shirts and Skins. And may I say it’s been a great five years!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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Warning: Bare Asses Ahead! It’s Our Spain and Gran Canaria Holiday (Photo Blog)


The Beach at Gran Canaria.

Here are a some photos from our holiday to Madrid and Gran Canaria.

Your Humble Blogger and The Husband had a great time.

Again, since I have run out of space here at The Gay Groom, the photo blog is on my Jeffrey Luscombe WordPress page. Yes, there are a few somewhat NSFW PG-13 ass shots from the clothing-optional beach on Gran Canaria (no, it’s not my ass ;).

Click here to go to the photo blog.

To see some short videos of Your Humble Blogger’s trip, scroll down to previous blog posts.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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A Few Videos From Gran Canaria


After the beach, Gran Canaria

Here is a Jeffrey climbing to the top of the dunes. I nearly dropped dead but my readers are worth it! The view was gorgeous and an iPhone video can hardly do it justice.

And from the bottom of the dunes I took a video as close to the beach as I dared. The sign says Nudista Ar…

And our final evening on the island the Husband and I went to the seashore for an Italian dinner. It turned out to be the best dinner I had in Spain:

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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On the Beach In Gran Canaria


Hello again from Gran Canaria where the Gay Groom has been spending the last week. Sadly, all must end tomorrow.

Here is a vlog (did I use that term correctly?) I made at the beach yesterday…


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Greetings from Gran Canaria


We are in the midst of our Spain vacation. Today I was on the dunes of the Gran Canaria beach.

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