Je suis Paris


Jeffrey at the Eiffel Tower

My heart goes out to the people of Paris, my favourite city in the world.

Allow me to simply post this video of German pianist, Davide Martello, playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” outside the city’s Bataclan theatre today.

Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do;

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too.

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace.



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For Remembrance Day: My Late Father, The UN Peacekeeper

My father passed away last November. This is the Remembrance Day piece I wrote on his service as a UN Peacekeeper in the Canadian Army…


Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the United States.

To commemorate, I am posting a blog about my dad, a UN Peacekeeper in the Canadian Army.

A few months ago my father gave me a box of his old Kodak Kodachrome slides.

He had sent away to Montreal for the camera while he was a UN Peacekeeper in the Congo back in the early ‘60s.  Among the slides (that included photos of your humble bogger being held up at the maternity window the day he was born, assorted good and bad Christmases through the sixties and seventies, those miserable family vacations etc.) were the photos he took during his time in the Congo.

When I was young my father liked to haul out the slides a couple of time a year (often much to your humble blogger’s chagrin).  And it was when he started clicking the Congo slides through the projector that the rest of my family and I would usually hit bathroom.

I’m afraid we weren’t too interested at the time.

But last year, after I had scanned the old slides (and uploaded them to Facebook to embarrass family members with their ridiculous 1973 fashion choices) I was surfing through CNN and discovered that they were requesting photos from people who had been in Africa during the time of independence.

I have some of those, I thought.

So I uploaded them to CNN and a few days later the CNN London office called me to ask if it would be possible to speak to my father.  My Dad agreed and after his 15 minute phone interview they posted the story their website (I even got a shout out in the piece as well!).

CNN also asked my father if they could do an on-air interview.

Unfortunately he said no.

For twenty years I couldn’t stop him from talking about the Congo… and now he clams up?  It may have been my only way of meeting Anderson Cooper!  And to be honest, I would have like to have had a record of his memories of the Congo as well.

My Dad marching in the Remembrance Day Parade

My Dad marching in the Remembrance Day Parade

Anyway, here is the link to CNN spot on my Dad, and UN Peacekeeper:

My Dad on CNN

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom

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Jeffrey on… Palm Springs


Jeffrey on Halloween night in Palm Springs



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Palm Springs, Halloween 2015 (Photo Blog)

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My novel, Shirts and Skins, Gets a Halloween Makeover

IMG_8870-2 copy

Jeffrey Zombie-ized


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Jeffrey on… a Liberal Government, a New Gold iPhone, and an Apology


The New Prime Minister of Canada (and me).

Jeffrey talks about the new Liberal Government in Canada, his upcoming Palms Springs vacation and his new gold iPhone 6s Plus.

And an apology.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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Jeffrey on… Autumn, Anniversaries and Palm Springs


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Everything I Would Be Was Foretold In My Kindergarten Report Card


Jeffrey’s Kindergarten Report Card

Since a new year has begun, I thought I’d re-post about my kindergarten report card.

And it’s funny that after almost forty years, I’m still basically the same.

February 1973

Jeff is a very creative boy who always does excellent handwork using many original ideas. He enjoys participating in all group activities and discussions. He is able to express his thoughts clearly and is a good listener. Jeff is always eager to learn. He has an excellent understanding of numbers and is able to find likes and differences in pictures and words.

Now if there was ever a suggestion that little Jeff would grow up to be a writer, this is probably it.  As any one knows, creativity and original ideas come in handy when taking up the writing vocation. As is the ability to express ones thoughts clearly (no matter what some of my critics may say!) as well as being able to listen.  That is, of course, only if the person talking is saying something of interest me. Otherwise I don’t listen.

As for enjoying participating in groups… well… we’ll leave that one be.

May 1973

Jeff is a very enthusiastic boy who is always eager to try new things. He able to recognize his numerals to 22 and count to 100. He has no difficulty finding likes and differences in pictures and words. Jeff is able to recognize a few words on sight. He has been a pleasure to have in the kindergarten and I am sure he will do equally as well next year. I would like to wish him well next year and the years that follow.

I have always prided myself on being able to count to 100. Though it rarely comes up that I need to any more.

And many people have said I was a pleasure.

As for the fact I am eager to try new things… well… we’ll leave that one be too.


Jeffrey’s Kindergarten Report Card

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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Jeffrey on… Hermes, Tiffany’s and Cartier

photo-6 copy

Walking down Bloor during Open Street Toronto.

The place to come (if you have the $$$) when you come to Toronto.


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Jeffrey on… Montreal Pride, Fierté littéraire and Duck in a Can


Jeffrey at the English writers open-mic night he co-hosted at Bar Cocktail.


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