A Little Air on the G-String?

What’s a wedding without music?

Why it would be, to quote Anita Bryant (which, oddly enough, I rarely do), “like a day without sunshine!”

Actually, it would be worse than just a cloudy day.  A wedding without music is just plain wrong (kinda like Anita Bryant).

Finding a musician for our wedding was relatively simple.  The Partner and I had heard a classical/jazz guitarist named Kevin play at a friend’s wedding and, impressed at the elegance he brought to their ceremony (they were also married at their home), and we decided to hire him to perform at our own wedding.

A classical guitar, I thought, would create the atmosphere of romance and love the Gay Groom and his Partner were looking for in their early October wedding.  And on a practical note, a solitary musician with a guitar does not take up much space – perfect for a wedding ceremony in someone’s home.

However, before I hire anyone (musician, officiate, florist) for our big day, your humble blogger always explains to him or her that this is, in fact, a gay wedding.  We don’t want any surprises that have the potential to ruin our wedding day.  So I am very clear – two men, standing together, saying ‘I do’, getting pronounced ‘partners in marriage’, a kiss… and so on… and so on (I stop explaining when we get to the honeymoon).

And I’m happy to report that during our entire wedding planning process, no one (including Classical/Jazz Guitarist Kevin) has yet told me that they had a problem taking our ‘pink dollars’ and working for two gay men in a big gay wedding.

Perhaps it would be different in Alberta.

“What sort of music do you have in mind?” Classical/Jazz Guitarist Kevin asked.  “I have a large repertoire.”

We told him that guests would be begin arriving a little before 2:00pm on our wedding day and we wanted a classical selection for the half hour preceding the ceremony.  After the ceremony we were looking for a jazz selection while the guests are having drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

We asked for Bach’s Air on the G String to be played while guests were assembling at the house and Pachelbel’s Canon in D for our entrance and played again when we signed the marriage license (yes, your humble blogger knows the Canon has been done to death, but it’s one of my favourite pieces – ever since I was introduced to it in the film Ordinary People back in ’80 – so Pachelbel and his glorious Canon are invited to our wedding).

“Neither of those pieces are in my regular repertoire,” Classical/Jazz Guitarist, Kevin told us, “but I will have them ready before October… any other requests?”

Yes, indeed.

La Vie en Rose, Georgia on my Mind, What a Wonderful World, Girl from Ipanema

Each song is a specific and special musical memory in the history of the Gay Groom and his Partner.

“Now those I know,” Classical/Jazz Guitarist, Kevin said.

67 days to go.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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2 responses to “A Little Air on the G-String?

  1. thomwatson

    Sounds really delightful. I love classical and jazz guitar.

    At our wedding, we’ll have the Official Texas State Musician for 2010Sara Hickman as our primary musician. Sara’s a friend of a friend; we first met her at our friend’s birthday party in 2006 (though I’d been a fan of her early folk music years ago) and really hit it off with her. When our friend suggested that we invite her to play at the wedding, and offered to pay her airfare, it was an offer too good to refuse.

    We’d also already asked a high friend of Jeff’s, along with his wife, to play the ukelele and sing at some point during the service. They’ve got a couple of songs that would work, but also are working on Happy Together, probably the song we most think of as our song. And the ukelele really works with the beach/tropical/tiki elements of our event.

    In keeping with that theme, we’re also planning to put together a playlist on an iPod of Hawaiian, lounge — including a Mel Torme cover of Happy Together — and exotica to play at various points during the reception.

    We also have some other favorite songs we’re hoping to work in somehow, including the male duet Lee Lessack and Stephen Schwartz) version of For Good from Wicked and Matt Alber’s Walk With Me, among others.

  2. gaygroom

    A ukelele at a beach-inspired wedding is really charming! I really love “For Good” too.

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