Honeymoon Cruising

Your humble blogger has just spent the long weekend at a gay-friendly B&B in Niagara Falls (for a little R&R).

In the late 1800s the New York Central railroad began publicizing Niagara Falls as a honeymoon destination.  For some reason the marketing scheme clicked in the conscientiousness of North Americans and Niagara Falls has been seen as the “The Honeymoon Capital of the World” ever since.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

It was Niagara Falls where my own parents went after their trip down the aisle in the 1960s and in the ensuing decades a number of my friends have began their marriage with a Niagara honeymoon as well.  And yes, they do have tacky-looking heart-shaped beds and bathtubs – in fact, most of Niagara Falls is pretty tacky-looking (wax museums, haunted houses, etc.) once you take a few steps away from the actual  falling water.

Since my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario is in the same neighbourhood (just a half hour down the highway from Niagara) a honeymoon at The Falls was, for many of the people I knew growing up, also economical, quick and easily planned (for those Friday afternoon shotgun weddings so popular with your humble blogger’s own dear family).

However the Partner and I have decided to forego a Niagara honeymoon for something quite different than that of my parents: a gay cruise down to Mexico.  Although the Gay Groom and his Partner have done quite a bit of travelling during the ten years we have been together, we have (unlike hundreds of thousands of my fellow Canadians) never made the winter pilgrimage down to Mexico (no Cancun, no Acapulco, not even the gay-friendly Puerto Vallarta).

But we have cruised before…

“Christ, I’m not that old yet!” I said when the Partner first brought up the idea of a cruise last year to celebrate my 40th birthday (as much as anyone can ‘celebrate’ being 40 years old).  I thought a cruise was for old people.  They were for folks who had lost their sense of adventure and who had grown afraid of traveling on their own.

“You’ll love it!” the Partner said.

We set sail on an Atlantis Events gay cruise from Rio de Janeiro (during Mardi Gras – eek!) to Buenos Aires, making a number of stops at cities (Montevideo) and gorgeous South American resorts (Punta del Este, Florianópolis) along the way.

And we had a brilliant time!  The Partner enjoyed not having to haul luggage across multiple counties and I enjoyed the twenty-four hour room service.  Additionally, we both enjoyed being able to hold hands, kiss and do all the those mushy icky romantic things couples get to do on vacation without any looks of reproach from the blue-rinse crowd (i.e the geriatrics we shocked around the pool at Loew’s Hotel in Souch Beach).  We also met some nice guys on the ship that have become great friends of ours. I also liked that we could do as much (sightseeing, adventure tours, etc.) or as little (lying on deck around the pool or out on our private balcony) as we wished.   A big gay South American cruise can make even turning forty fun, I thought.

So this year, when we were making the decision about where we should go on our honeymoon in October, we considered of a few place (Paris, Seville, San Francisco) but finally settled on another Atlantis cruise.  This time we will be spending a week sailing on the Mariner of the Seas (the largest ship to sail the Pacific) from Los Angeles to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta) and back.

The Mariner of the Seas

The Mariner of the Seas

And since this is our honeymoon, we splurged and purchased first-class tickets from Toronto to Los Angeles (where we will be spending a couple of days before the ship sails) and also booked a deluxe stateroom with a private balcony on the ship.

And who know the shenanigans a newlywed couple could get up to out on their private balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Anchors aweigh!

61 days to go.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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5 responses to “Honeymoon Cruising

  1. We loved having a balcony on our Alaskan cruise last year, and we’ve booked one for our upcoming Greek Isles cruise in November.

    When (not if) you next travel to San Francisco, we’d love to meet up with you.

    And I need to get Jeff up to Niagara Falls and Toronto some time; Toronto’s one of my favorite cities in the world, and I had a wonderful time visiting Niagara about ten years back, especially flightseeing by helicopter, but Jeff’s never been.

  2. gaygroom

    I’ve been to San Francisco (Halloween ’98 in the Castro – quite the experience), but the Partner hasn’t. May have to go some time soon!

    I’ve backpacked around the Greek Islands in my younger days… I think a cruise would be much nicer than a Santorini hostel. The Partner and I are thinking about going to Greece next year (he’s never been there either).

    I’m don’t think I could stand being on a ship without a balcony…

  3. I do envy you the idea of backpacking around anywhere, though. I’ve never done that kind of seat-of-the-pants travelling, and at 47 I probably never will, so I sometimes regret I didn’t do it when I was younger.

    I’m definitely enjoying the idea of this cruise, though; not sure we’d ever get to Dubrovnik otherwise, or Ephesus — though frankly I’m not sure I’d really want to go to Ephesus otherwise 😉 — but I confess to being a little concerned about the fact that it’s a different city and/or a different island pretty much every day. I’m hoping that we’ll have enough time to really experience, well, Santorini for one, and Athens and Naples, too, without even overnighting in any of them. The Alaskan cruise felt more leisurely in that respect; the towns were small and compact enough that you didn’t feel you needed more than a day in each.

    At least we’ll l ikely have a couple of days each in Venice and Rome, where we start and end, so that will be exciting.

    • gaygroom

      Backpacking through Europe sounds much more glamorous than it actually is. Too much time finding a place to sleep… to much to carry… never really rested. But (like much of travel) it’s charming in retrospect.

      What cruise operator is your Greek holiday, Thom?


      • Princess Cruises. We’re going with friends of ours — my best friend of almost 20 years, who also will be officiating at our commitment ceremony, and his wife — with whom we also cruised to Alaska last year. The Alaskan cruise was on the Coral Princess, one of Princess’s larger ships by volume but with a relatively smaller passenger count (<2,000), so that it felt quite intimate; there were times we were on deck or on our balcony, and could see no one else out and about.

        By contrast, the upcoming cruise — Venice to Civitavecchia by way of Dubrovnik, Ephesus, Mykonos, Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, Katakolon, Santorini and Naples — is on the Grand Princess, Princess's largest ship but also their highest passenger capacity (2,600), so I'm unsure how much more crowded it might feel.

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