Two Months to Go

Today the Partner and I sent the first of two cheques off to the Special Events Floral Designer, also known as ‘the florist’, (I think the only difference between the two is price) and watched as the last payment for our honeymoon cruise was put on our scan-weary credit card (but since the Canadian dollar has been rallying lately – the hit wasn’t as hard as we first budgeted for… perhaps the savings could go toward serving a nice Niagara icewine during our wedding dessert service?).  And as the summer of 2009 quickly passes, today we reach a milestone in the Gay Groom wedding planning:

Just two months left before the big day.

And just in case one was not overly anxious about having only sixty days until their wedding day, our handy-dandy wedding planning website sent us off an (obviously automatically generated) email in the wee hours of the morning with the subject “YOU ONLY HAVE TWO MONTHS LEFT!!!”

Yes, I’m well aware of that,

And thanks ever so much for your computer generated hysteria (I wonder what sort of automatic panic will be in store for us from our little planning website next month).  Yet although our wedding website seems frantic, your humble blogger is cool as a cucumber as everything seems to be moving along swimmingly in our wedding planning department.

And there is still no sign of cold feet as I hit the two-month mark.  Then again, perhaps ‘cold feet’ are more for the blushing youngsters.

The Gay Groom doesn’t often blush anymore.

Being a man in his (very early) forties who has been with his Partner for almost a decade now, our wedding seems more like a fait d’accompli at this point than a ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ sort.  And there is, after all, nothing really to get cold feet about.  The Partner and I are not about to start our life together like Dorothy with the toe of her ruby slipper at the beginning of the yellow brick road (obligatory Judy Garland reference); our lives have been intertwined for some time now.  And to beat this metaphor into the ground… we have been walking down the same path for years (sometimes golden and sometimes not).

So in October we will publicly declare what has already become a reality.

Hey, I like that!  Maybe I’ll try and stick those words, “publicly declare what has already become a reality” into my wedding ceremony.

And to celebrate your humble blogger’s two-month mark… here is a short wedding video from ex-tennis player (and ex-pubescent crush of mine) Bjorn Borg  (though it breaks my rule of never having religious themes in my blog- but it’s just too goddamn precious not to post!).

60 days to go.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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