The “Just Married” sign debate

The Partner and I have been discussing the wedding limo.

A limousine is one of the easier tasks in a wedding.  For anyone who had booked a limo for the airport, booking it for a wedding is done exactly the same way (but for some reason costs three times as much).  You simply call a limo company and book the car for a specific date and time.  And since the Partner and I are only looking for a simple black town car and not one of those grotesque white limousine Hummers the young folks like to use for their proms in June, booking a limo is one task in our planning that need not take up much of our wedding energy (which, I must admit has been waning in the last few weeks).

Yet there is one thing about our limo that your humble blogger and his Partner have not been able to agree upon:

The Just Married sign.

One of us (let’s call this person The Partner) thinks a Just Married sign would be fun and whimsical.  The other (let’s call this particular person me) thinks it would be rather tacky.

And since one of our main objectives was to try and make our big gay wedding as sophisticated as possible, one wonders (if one happens to be the Gay Groom) how a big heart-shaped cardboard sign with paper lace or Kleenex carnations around the edges will look taped to the back of the limousine.  Surely not sophisticated.

“Why not tie some old shoes or cans back there while you’re at it,” I said.

“Maybe we should,” said The Partner.

We will be taking the limo from our friends home in the Beaches, where the wedding and reception will be held, to one of the old grand hotels in downtown Toronto where we will be spending the wedding night (more about the wedding night hotel in a later blog) and I wonder if  the urbane image I am trying to create will remain (or if we’d look like the equivalent of  a hoity toity chap strolling into the hotel lobby with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the heel of his Oxford wingtips).

“You know a lot of gay people worked long and hard for us to be able to put that Just Married sign on our limo,” the Partner said.

“They worked long and hard so we could put a tacky cardboard sign on our car?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.  “That was part of it.”

Maybe he’s right.

So at this point we have not come to a decision about the Just Married sign.  But if I was a betting man (which, incidentally I am) I suspect that the Partner will get his way and our sophisticated wedding limousine will be donning its gay apparel in the way of a Just Married sign.

Fun and whimsical or just plain tacky?

Fun and whimsical or just plain tacky?

46 days to go.

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom.



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5 responses to “The “Just Married” sign debate

  1. I like the idea of a “Just married” sign . . . it doesn’t have to be tacky! Make your own! I have yet to pose this to Thom, but I’m thinking of one that says, “Here come the grooms.” 😉

  2. Dawn

    I think the example you’ve provided looks lovely.

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