Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

One of the larger expenses in any wedding is the wedding bands.  And your humble blogger’s wedding is certainly no exception.

And for the Gay Groom and his Partner, choosing a ring we both liked enough to wear on our finger for the rest of our life (and then some) took some time.  First we looked at a number of stores in the fashionable (read way too expensive) Yorkville and Bloor Street areas of Toronto.  These are the ones that keep their door locked, only letting you in after you ring the doorbell (giving them, I suppose, time to scope you out to ensure you’re not going to pull some kind of jewel heist).

One lady at a jewellery store in Yorkville looked in horror on my Che Guavera t-shirt.

Though much of what we looked at in the more stylish shops were lovely (funky rings with a hip spin on the design), I’m afraid the Gay Groom and his partner are a little more traditional than we like to admit.  So finally we headed off to Birks Jewellers on Bloor Street, the grand old Canadian jewelry store still headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Birks Jewellers

Birks Jewellers

And far be it for your humble blogger to intentionally ‘out’ anyone (a number of uncles and cousins are currently breathing a sigh of relief), I will say that the man behind the counter did set off my gaydar to about a 6.0 out of 10.0.  He was a handsome chap, short and thin, about forty and wearing a nice dark blue suit.  I thought I might have seen him at my gym.

“We’re looking for wedding bands,” the Partner said.

The man behind the counter smiled widely.  My gaydar jumped up another 1.5 points.

“Congratulations!” he said.  “So what sort of wedding bands do you have in mind?”  He waved his perfectly manicured hand over the glass counter.

I leaned on the counter and studied the many rings shining in just the perfect light.  They all looked fabulous.  Suddenly it hit me – I was really getting married.  I moment of anxiety hit and I reached to my pocket and ensure my asthma inhaler was in my pants.  Then it passed and a wave of contentment flowed over me.

“I don’t want a ring with diamonds, “ I said.  “I’ve been boycotting the diamond trade for over ten years now.

“And De Beers is reeling from it, I’m sure,” the Partner said.

We tried on about a dozen and finally chose a platinum band with two small rings of yellow gold running around the middle of the band.  Deciding on whether we wanted shiny or matt finish took a little longer.

It almost came to blows.

The Ring

The Ring

But finally we decided on the shiny finish.

And my finger is ready to be covered for the duration (and then some).

37 days to go.

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom



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8 responses to “Wedding Bands

  1. Ooh, lovely! Rings really do make the whole thing seem real and tangible all of a sudden, right? It’s like, oh yeah huh, I will be wearing this reminder of our marriage on my person every. day. of. my. life. 😉 Thom’s and my rings will be here soon, and I am so excited!

  2. You could have gotten one shiny and one matte. Jeff and I are doing something like that, in fact; our two rings are the same design, but his is crafted of white gold while mine is of yellow gold. The designer finished making them this week and they’re now wending their way from Massachusetts to California. Squee!

  3. I laugh when I read “Birks on Bloor.” It sounds like it should be a store on Diagon Alley in Harry Potter’s London.

  4. Nadine V.

    Oh, Jeff… I love it. I could read your blogs all day. You fellows have made the best choice possible . The ring looks stunning. Can’t wait to hear more.
    37 days to go.

  5. I am loving your blog and absorbing every post.

    I love it because you two remind me so much of my partner and I … with the witty quotes like:

    “I don’t want a ring with diamonds, “ I said. “I’ve been boycotting the diamond trade for over ten years now.

    “And De Beers is reeling from it, I’m sure,” the Partner said.

    Loves it!

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