The Cake Tasting

On Saturday afternoon your humble blogger and his Partner went to Dufflet Pastries to choose a final style for our wedding cake.

We also had a tasting to choose the flavour of cake and icing.

A Toronto tradition since 1982, Dufflet Pastries on downtown’s trendy Queen Street West strip is the city’s pre-eminent destination for fine desserts and sumptuous wedding and special occasion cakes.

Dufflet Pastries on Queen Street East

Dufflet Pastries on Queen Street East

Dufflet Pastries began in 1975 when Dufflet Rosenberg (now called ‘The Queen of Cakes’) began 1975 when began baking from her home for the Cow Café. In 1982 Dufflet opened her first pastry café on the trendy Queen Street West strip – today a Toronto institution and destination for the city’s finest pastries and divine desserts.

Dufflet Rosenberg

Dufflet Rosenberg

The Partner and I found the staff at the Queen Street store very friendly and  helpful when we strolled in for our tasting appointment.  We were shown to a table at the front of the store by the window and brought two cups of Dufflet’s special blend coffee.  One staff member laid down their a photo album and opened it to show a dazzling collection of Dufflet’s legendary wedding cakes.

As we looked through the album, the waiter brought us over two forks and a plate with six different types of cake.

  • Carrot Cake – with walnuts, pineapple and coconut, layered with honey-sweet cream cheese
  • Chocolate Fudge – layered with bittersweet chocolate ganache
  • Lemon – white sponge layered with tangy lemon buttercream
  • Mocha – white sponge layered with mocha + chocolate buttercreams
  • Simple White – white sponge layered with white buttercream
  • Golden Cake – white sponge layered with fresh strawberries and a delicate orange buttercream.

“Now this is some wedding planning I can get into,” I said picking up my fork.

In addition to the cake flavour, we also had to choose the finish (fancy word for ‘icing’): white buttercream,  rolled fondant, cream cheese icing, and bittersweet chocolate ganache.

“I guess we’ll been walking home to burn this off,” the Partner said.

We tasted each slice like judges choosing the blue ribbon winner at the Royal Winter Fair pie-baking contest.

Then we tasted each slice again.

And again…

As the cakes on the plate disappeared, the Partner and I finally narrowed it down to two flavours.  Once more taste was all we needed…

“I think we have a winner,” I said.

The Partner scooped up what was left on the plate with his fork and smiled.  “Yep.”

And which flavour of cake did we choose?

Well, you will have to wait until our wedding cake is cut on October 03 to find .  Your humble blogger and his Partner have decided it would be more fun to let our final decision on the wedding cake flavour be a surprise.  However I will say that the final choice surprised us both.

Dufflet Wedding Cakes

Dufflet Wedding Cakes

But since Dufflet’s has such a large variety of wedding cake styles, choosing a style of cake took much longer than did choosing a flavour.  But over a second cup of coffee, The Gay Groom and his Partner finally decided on a style and size for their wedding cake as well.

“Perfect,” the Partner said as the paper work was being filled out.

“I concur,” I said.

34 days to go.

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom


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One response to “The Cake Tasting

  1. I can’t wait to know the flavor. Is it Peanut M&M ?
    It’s exciting huh?

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