One Month to Go

It’s funny how much of the fun of planning a wedding dissolves into panic in the last month.

Now it’s all about details.

And your humble blogger hates the details.

Over the last months, as the Gay Groom and his Partner concentrated on the larger particulars (caterer, photographer, cake etc.) we continually put off the small minutiae (like shoes, belts, ties, hotels, limos etc. etc. etc.).

“We’ll worry about that later,” I said.

Now it’s later.

I woke up in a great mood this morning.  I had even briefly forgotten that I had only thirty more days before my wedding day.  It was nice not to be thinking about it.  But then I checked my email and found a frantic note (most likely automatically generated note) from my wedding planning website (thank you with the title ‘ONLY 1 MONTH LEFT!!!’

Oh my god, I thought.  If my website was frenzied, shouldn’t I be too?  I only have 1 MONTH LEFT.  In capital letters for emphasis to boot!

So in a panic I called the Partner at work

“We’re way behind,” I said.  “The website checklist has a bunch of items with red alarm clocks beside them.  And red is the absolute worst colour you can have in wedding planning!”

So before the morning was out, the Gay Groom and his Partner had:

  • booked the limousine
  • booked the hotel room in downtown Toronto for the wedding night
  • booked the hotel for Los Angeles (for the few days before our Mexican Cruise)
  • booked our appointment for a haircut ten days before the wedding (to give the hair time to ‘settle’)

And by lunchtime I could rest easily again…

at least for a few hours.

30 days left

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom


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One response to “One Month to Go

  1. We feel your pain. We’re at 21 days, and there are still lots of the minutiae undone: dozens of origami flowers yet to fold; programs yet to design, write and print; playlists still to be decided. And Jeff has no tie or shoes yet.

    And there are a couple of important things still to be tackled, like we haven’t written the service or our vows yet.

    But it sounds like you’ve got things well under control; at this point, just like us, the most important things are in place — after all, you and your guy and your friends and family are all that’s really important — and the rest is just fondant on the cake.

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