F#@k You, Multiple Myeloma!

Today is my father’s 67th birthday.

Which in itself isn’t that big an accomplishment as folks celebrate 67th birthdays all the time.

Yet, this year is special.

My dad in an actual Nehru jacket, 1964

This is the second year that my father has been battling Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow.

In multiple myeloma, plasma cells grow out of control in the bone marrow and form tumors in the areas of solid bone.  The growth of these bone tumors makes it harder for the bone marrow to make red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.  This causes anemia, which makes a person more likely to get infections and have abnormal bleeding. As the cancer cells grow in the bone marrow, they can cause pain and destruction of the bones.

There are treatments for Multiple Myeloma but no cure.

My Dad in the Rockies, 1970

Early last summer, we had a scare when my father had a nasty bout of pneumonia.  He lost an enormous amount of weight and ultimately landed in the hospital breathing with help from a ventilator.

It was not looking good.

But with a bombardment of antibiotics, a fighting spirit and a couple of weeks in the hospital, he bounced back.  Now, after cataract surgery (his type of chemo causes cataracts) he’s even back on the road driving!

However, this blog isn’t about Multiple Myeloma (I’ll devote a blog to MM later this month) it’s about my father having another birthday…

And saying f#@k you to Multiple Myeloma.

Your Humble Blogger and his father, Xmas 2010

So to my father, a “Happy Birthday” from the Husband and me…. and many more!

I love you!

And I have no doubt that we’ll be celebrating his 68th birthday next year.. then his 69th and then the big 7-0!!

By the way, I recently wrote a blog about my father’s recent brush with fame when he was interviewed by CNN late last year about his UN peacekeeping in the Congo (and his Kodachrome slides) back in the early 60s: My Dad (and former UN Peacekeeper): the CNN Interview.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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3 responses to “F#@k You, Multiple Myeloma!

  1. Wonderful post! Happy birthday to your father.

  2. tdub68

    awww…. you can tell a lot about the nature of a man by the way he speaks of his father! he is obviously blessed by you and propelled by your good wishes and strength!

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