My Big Gay Valentine’s Day

Your humble blogger had to put down his heart-shaped box of chocolates long enough to write his blog.

Valentine’s Day has gotten a bit of a bum rap lately.  People seemed to have turned on arrowed Cupid faster than Lady Gaga.

Yes, I get that Valentine’s Day is a pseudo-holiday made up by the greeting card, flower and chocolate industries.  Yes, I get we are being duped into spending money for trinkets we don’t need to express our feelings of affection.  Yes, I know Saint Valentine was, according to legend, imprisoned, beaten with clubs, stoned and ultimately had his head chopped off.

Not very romantic, I must say.

But that’s far too unpleasant and I like to keep my blogs positive.  So I choose not to dwell on the real and instead pretend to fall for all the sentimental nonsense, if just to get my aforementioned heart-shaped box of chocolates.

And your humble blogger has been blessed with the ability to view almost everything ironically (for example, the use of the word ‘blessed’ above was ironic).

This morning the Husband and I exchanged Valentine’s Day cards.

My Valentine's Card to my Husband

Luckily, we live in a city where it’s easy to pick up gay greeting cards.  I’m sure if we lived in Wyoming or Idaho (where Walmart is considered a distinguished luxury retailer) it could be a tad more difficult to get a gay-themed greeting card.  Though even then, I suppose with a little planning one could purchase a card on the internet for delivery from the many gay-positive greeting card companies out there.  It should be noted that these are often more expensive than straight themed cards.  I was told this was due to smaller print runs and not because these “gay-owned” or “gay-friendly” companies are just gouging us.… and since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m willing to buy that (more irony).

Many straight men see Valentine’s Day as a day specifically for women (where the man must fork out for flowers, chocolate, cards etc. to women – or else) and I recently have heard of men creating a, dare I say, “tongue-in-cheek” movement to have March 14 (one month after Valentine’s Day) be a declared a day for women giving back to the men.   The proposed name of this day?  Steak and Blowjob Day.

Straight people can be amusing.

So tonight the husband and I will be headed to a restaurant in the gay village in Toronto for an overpriced romantic meal (I’m hoping they have Ontario lamb on the menu… or maybe the duck).  Not that we limit ourselves only to restaurants in the gay village, most of the time we don’t (as most of the food is terrible in the village).  But it was the Husband’s year to choose.

And after dinner, we’ll share a dessert at home.

Where, ironically, we don’t have to wait until March 14.

So how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Does romance change over the years?  Are we buying into a silly fake holiday?  What trinkets of affection are you giving or getting?

Now back to my heart-shaped box of chocolates…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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7 responses to “My Big Gay Valentine’s Day

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  2. Cb

    Couldn’t you have just sent an eCard and been done with it?

  3. tdub68

    awwww…very sweet!
    i’m not a fan of a day created so that men will actually be FORCED to do something nice for their significant others at least once a year. NO not ALL men are like this but most of them i know (including my ex husband) are.

    to me this is a day to make the people you love feel special without focusing on reciprocation (yet the good usually always comes back to you). we still give the boys candies; they take their grandmother a rose and so on and so forth.

    this is our 2nd valentine’s together and i woke him up just past midnight for an early celebration (haha). today we will exchange cards (i actually MADE mine and colored it with his fave colors and gave it to him this morning), mix tapes (had his cued up in his car for his commute) and i suspect he’ll make dinner (his turn)…and there will be wine and chocolate and cuddling.

    that is if the boys aren’t home for dinner. in which case we will sequester ourselves to our room. hahaha

    thanks for sharing your day, your card, and your perspective! hope this evening is special, both the lamb & the dessert at home!


    • Sounds like you have a lovely day planned! My hands are far too clumsy to ever make a Valentine. The idea of a mixed tape sounds like a good idea! Perhaps I’ll put on our wedding music CD while we have our dessert tonight 🙂

  4. Ray

    It’s Monday; so apart form flowers, chocolates and Dollarama plastic hearts hanging fromour chandelier, it will be a quiet night in catching last night’s episode of Brothers and Sisters. (damn Grammy’s!)
    Georges has never been very romantic. – he’s more leather, I’m more lace. But deep down inside I know there’s a Jane Austin dying to come out.
    We’re celebrating 15 years together this year and April 29th (bastard royals stole our wedding date) will be our 5th wedding anniversary. So does romance change? Yes, I think it does. When your love is new, it’s all part of the courting and settling in. When your love is older, more mature, romance is a celebration of those memories; like Christmas.
    So yes, I’m buying into the fake holiday – hello – Dollarama hearts!

    Love your posts (on all platforms) Happy Valentines Day

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