The Gay Groom is Wired, Part I


The iPhone 4

The Husband gave me an iPhone 4G smartphone for Valentine’s Day.

I had been using a Motorola phone (which would be more a ‘dumbphone’) for the last few years.   It now seems like the technological equivalent to a tin can with a string compared to the iPhone 4G.

So for the last few days your humble blogger has been been finding and adding ‘apps’ to his phone.

Some of the apps I’ve loaded thus far are Facebook, Twitterific, Globe and Mail, New York Times, Starbucks, TTC Mobile, Huffpost, iWatcher, Bump, Dragon, ibooks, GOToronto, Dictionary, Subway Map, TripIt, Air Canada, The Weather Channel, Currency, IMDb, foursquare, Grindr and Scruff (just for research purposes), Wikipedia, WordPress, PayPal, ShopSavvy, WebMD, Springpad, Skype, Google and GetGlue.

So now The Gay Groom is wired like never before!

My Facebook is connected through the Facebook app to foursquare and GetGlue which are also connected to my Twitter via the Twitterific app.

With GetGlue I can post to my Facebook and Twitter which particular book, movie, television show or song that I’m currently reading, watching or listening to.  Of course I only post the erudite things that I’m reading, watching or listening to on GetGlue.  For example, I posted today that I was reading the novel, To the End of the Land by Israeli author David Grossman (which I am – brilliant by the way and a review is forthcoming) however I tend not to let people know when I’m watching reruns of The Golden Girls or the latest American Idol.

The foursquare app lets me post my whereabouts (complete with a little map) on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Now I can let everyone know when I’m picking up clementines from The A&P.  Again, I usually only post those places with foursquare that put me in the best like.  Such as when I’m at the gym or the library while choosing not to post my 10-20 when I’m watching bad drag at local gay bar.

The app TripIt (a travel app) is connected to my Gmail (my iPhone mail) and it checks to see if I have been mailed any travel itineraries.  It I have, it then puts the info into TripIt so I have all my flight information (with the maps of my destinations) at my fingertips.  I already have my flights to Vancouver for March and San Diego in October.

It’s a great little app.

AirCanada app lets me check my flight information and check in.  I can also put my e-boarding pass on my iphone (which I show before boarding and they scan) which means no more lost boarding passes.  I’ve left my boarding pass in more airport bars in my time than I care to remember.

I also have an app for my own bank that allows me to do all my internet banking on my phone and I’m hoping to put off the need to actually step foot in a bank again indefinitely.  And with the Paypal app I can see the donations that are made to The Gay Groom blog.  I can also send money by ‘bumping’ another iPhone and deposit cheques just by taking a photo of it.  Can you believe that? Remember rushing to the bank before it closed at 4:30pm?

So those are the apps I currently have on my iPhone.  Do you use any of them?  Can you suggest any good apps for me and my new nifty iPhone?

Next time we can talk about two other apps you may have heard of: Grindr and Scruff.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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3 responses to “The Gay Groom is Wired, Part I

  1. tdub68

    awww an app virgin. it’s so cute how excited u are about the airline & banking apps! welcome to the new millinnium…plus a decade… lol what a good hubby.

    i noticed you added me on getglue. that’s really fun. how’s that book you’re reading?

    I have a love-hate relationship with the twitter app. love the Martha Stewart app, tumblr, Photoshop express, instagram, and if u have time, words with friends and angry birds are all the rage.

    oh! and I have this cool Bic lighter app & the Star Wars light saber app. so cool!

    have fun!

    • GetGlue added everyone in my Twitter and Facebook list automatically… connection between systems is so simple now. So much so that I actually find it a little unsettling. Do I really want my Aunt Tilly to know some of the things I’m reading or some of the photos in blogs I ‘like’? It’s a recipe for disaster! 🙂

      I am going to check out your app suggestions tomorrow… thanks!

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