Behind Every Good Man

Your humble blogger and his husband

The Husband travels quite a bit for work.

Last week he flew off  Monday morning and (though he just returned late Thursday night)  we will be packing up his suitcase again for a business trip to Ottawa on Sunday afternoon.   Does that mean that the two of us will be having a romantic Saturday to make the most of our short time together?

Sadly, no.

It means that your humble blogger will be doing laundry all day Saturday so he will have something clean to wear.  We wouldn’t want the other lawyers to think he’s has a slothful spouse, would we?

Ah well, such is life when you are the spouse of a lawyer.

I’m sure there is no real difference between gay couples and same-sex couples in this situation.  One must realize that their spouse is simply doing their job – often a very difficult job – and should be supported.  And your humble blogger is one supportive son-of-a-gun.   I like keeping the home-fires burning.  And as they say, “behind every good man there is a good…”  well never mind what they say.

Behind my man is another good man.

At without breaking into a chorus of “Wind Beneath my Wings”, I know that The Husband is behind me as well.  He was there when I switched career paths and returned to The University of Toronto for my BA in English and again when I continued on for my MA.  He was also supportive when I was accepted into a PhD program (which I finally decided not to pursue since it seemed much more interesting to write my own novel than spend four or more years discussing someone elses work.  And I can’t count the number of times the Husband has acted as Alice B. Toklas to my Gertrude Stein and edited chapters of the manuscript that I’ve been working on.

I am behind him and he is behind me.

As I mentioned,  the husband is off again on Sunday for the week.  So one must always make the best of the time that we are apart.  I get quite a bit of writing (and reading) done when the husband is away.  As well, I can meet with friends for lunch or head easily to my hometown on the bus and see my parents (without renting a car like when we both go).

One must also remember that it is never easy for the spouse that is off traveling all the time.   It isn’t a holiday.  In the late 1990s  I was a consultant and commuted from Toronto to Dallas/Atlanta/Birmingham/London/Detroit/Miami/San Francisco/etc.  And it was never as much fun as people thought (and this was before travel became even more unpleasant with the new security measures brought in after 9/11).

Traveling for work is not the same as traveling for fun.

But we have decided that, for at least once, we will try and do both (work and fun that is).  Later this month when The Husband has to go to Vancouver on business, I will be using my air-miles and meeting him there.  And after a weekend lovely together, I’ll have to putter about the city for a couple of days alone during the day while he works.  I’m sure I’ll find something to do in Vancouver.

Such is life when you are the spouse of a lawyer.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom.



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3 responses to “Behind Every Good Man

  1. Sue

    Congratulations! And good on you for being so supportive of your beloved. There should be more of it. Have you thought about taking up knitting? I believe there are a number of knitting groups and classes in Vancouver 🙂

  2. Helen

    Jeff – as one who attends all meetings with your beloved, you can be assured that he rates high in the kempt department. I’m sure your hubby has reported back on the fashion sense and nicotine scents of his legal counterpart. For me, I appreciate your efforts.

    By the way – be sure to tell your hubby to give me his Vancouver travel dates. I need to add them to our meeting calendar. 😉 Enjoy V-town!

  3. It’s incredibly inspiring to read a down-to-earth couple that are a team as much as they are in love. Thanks so much for this!

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