Vancouver Can Wait (or Palm Springs Here We Come)

Our Palm Springs Holiday, March 2009

On my last blog I mentioned that I was going to be accompanying the Husband to Vancouver later this week.

But Vancouver will have to wait.

Instead (after some discussion and a report that it will be a cold and damp spring) we decided that a weekend in Vancouver just wouldn’t cut it.   So, (for a small 50 dollar fee) we changed my Vancouver flight to a Palm Springs for later in the month.

The husband and I had not intended to go south this year.  We had wanted to save a little money but (as it turned out) one can only take a long Canadian winter (that refuses to let go to spring) for only so long.

You win, Winter!

The husband and I just couldn’t make it through this whole miserable winter and the upcoming miserable spring without some vitamin D that doesn’t come in a pill.  That’s right, Winter kicked our butts.

So we will be spending a week sunning ourselves at a guesthouse in sunny Palm Springs, California.

And now that WestJet has a direct flight from Toronto right to Palm Springs, it makes getting there much easier (I won’t even go into the hassle we went through last year changing planes in Las Vegas).

Bring on the sun!

We also just put down our deposit for an Atlantis Mexican Riviera cruise in October.  It will be to celebrate  our second wedding anniversary.

Atlantis, as you may know,  is the big gay cruise line.

Our Altantis Honeymoon Cruise, October 2009

The Husband seems to enjoy cruising more than your humble blogger.  After a year of hard work, he likes to park himself on a ship and do nothing… while I’d rather be strolling through Paris again (though the Husband likes to call my strolls ‘forced marches’).  However, I am looking forward to the October cruise as well.

But more about gay cruising on a subsequent blog.

Right now I have to get ready for Palm Springs… can one lose twenty-five pounds in two week?

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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One response to “Vancouver Can Wait (or Palm Springs Here We Come)

  1. ahhhhh very nice.
    I’ve been longing to get outta here too but won’t complain bcz our winters can’t compete w/yours.

    not sure how much I’d enjoy a cruise but some day i wanna go…

    until that day, I’ll live vicariously thru y’all!

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