Spring THIS, Daylight Savings Time!

Spring Ahead

Is it just me are we doing our ‘springing forward’ a tad early this year?

I remember when we didn’t do this until the end of April.  But then again, I’m old.   But do we really need to save daylight before even the Ides of March roll around?   And all this bloody ‘springing’ after we just fell back in November (again, much later than we used to ‘fall’)!

I’m was just getting used to that shock to the system.

Daylight Savings Time seems to affect different people differently.  Some people (I like to call them ‘freaks’) seem to bounce back from the loss of an hour quite quickly.  These people will be out at the gym early Sunday morning  without yawning and won’t have trouble going to bed Sunday night (even though it’s really 9:30pm).  Then there are the rest of us.  The rest of us are the folks who, exhausted and in a daze, that make our highways and roads a dangerous place on Monday morning when traffic collisions will increase as sleepy driver plows into sleepy driver.

Actually, I have been told that this is an urban legend and there is no real increase in accidents after the spring time change, still I like to tell this false rumour because it makes me seem well-read (even if its just Wikipedia).  However, a 2009 U.S. study found that on Mondays after the switch to DST, workers sleep an average of 40 minutes less, and are injured at work more often and more severely.

But it may  be that Americans are just more clumsy that anyone else.  I’d be curious to see a Canadian or Swedish study.

Now for me, it usually takes me until we get our hour back in the autumn to feel well-rested again.

And I think we can do the ‘spring ahead’ a little better.  Your humble blogger has always thought that if we have to lose an hour, we should do it on Wednesday afternoons when we really wouldn’t mind losing an hour instead of a Saturday night.  Of course we couldn’t take an hour from prime business hours, could we?  That would suck too much money out of our economy.   Heaven forefend!

So they steal it away from our sleep.

I could speak more about Daylight Savings Time but it’s really an hour later than the clock says so I’m off to bed… to dream about spring.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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