Throw the Bastards Out! (or ‘Canada Heads to the Polls’)

Here we go again!

After a number of scandals and abuses of power including election fraud and influence peddling, the Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government has become the first government in Canadian history to be defeated on a charge of contempt of Parliament.

Of course they showed no shame as they went down.  What shame could the man that had decreed that all government correspondence replace “Canadian Government” with “Harper Government” actually have?

Our Arrogant Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

So now Harper will be off to see the Governor General (the Queen’s ‘representative’ in Canada) tomorrow to ask him to dissolve Parliament for an election in early May.

Now your humble blogger loves politics.  I always have.  I joined my first party when I was only 14 years old (I was a member of the Progressive Conservative Party until it disappeared after a coup by the far-right) and have been a bit of a political animal ever since.

And like Winston Churchill (your humble blogger doesn’t say that often) I also changed parties; after the death of the Progressive Conservative Party, I became a Liberal.  At first it was a little strange… calling myself a Liberal after fighting them for years and years, but being a Liberal felt right from the beginning.   And since the Liberal Party has now become the centre party with the move to the far-right by the new Conservative Party.

I like being under the big red Liberal tent!

And as it turned out, the Liberal party was far more fiscally conservative than the spendthrift Conservatives have been.

Remember the $13-billion budgetary surplus the Conservatives inherited from the Liberals when they took office in 2006? That surplus has been replaced with a $56-billion deficit (the largest deficit in our history). And the Parliamentary Budget Officer is projecting that the government will add more than $200-billion in new debt by 2016.

And though the Liberals were also left a huge deficit after nine years of Conservative rule (and huge spending) in the 80s and early 90s, the Liberals delivered eleven years of balanced budgets and reduced Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio from almost 90% down below 50%.

In the last five years, Harper and Flaherty have managed to increase Canada’s Debt-to-GDP ratio back up to about 80%, erasing almost a decade of debt repayment. If we continue on this ‘conservative’ path of 6 billion BORROWED dollar corporate tax cuts, huge increases in the federal government (up 40% since they took office) and the short-sighted GST cut (by Flaherty’s own estimates) by 2016 we’ll essential be back where we were in 1995.

So we are headed to the polls again.

Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff

And your humble blogger will be knocking on doors, calling voters at the campaign office, getting out the vote etc. for (our leader) Michael Ignatieff, (my Member of Parliament) Bob Rae, and The Liberal Party of Canada.  And after almost 30 years of doing this stuff, it never gets boring (even the occasional door slammed in my face and the mean name-calling don’t phase me anymore).

And I do it because Canada can be better – better than what we’ve been given over five years of Conservative rule.

Now onto May, Election Day and a Liberal majority.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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