Palm Springs Holiday – Photos

Palm Springs

I am home from a week in Palm Springs.

Your humble blogger did enjoy the time off in the sun – and holy Christ – we did have sun.  Two days were over 100 degrees.   For two Canadian boys, 102 degrees is hot (even if it’s a ‘dry heat’ – as the locals like to say in Palm Springs).

So the Husband and I had to keep slopping the sunscreen on our white-as-a-fishbelly Canadian skin and hope for the best.  We actually found some 100+ SPF sunscreen for our white bits – and it seemed to work.

I didn’t know that they made 100+ SPF sunscreen.

Who even knew they made 100+ SPF sunscreen?

Hot as Hell

And the rest of the week was sunny and hot as well.  Which seemed rather odd to me since The Gay Groom and his Husband are always cursed with bad weather (hurricanes, torrential rains, earthquakes etc.) when we are on vacation.  Long time readers will remember Hurricane Rick hitting our honeymoon cruise!  So I kept waiting for the bad weather but it never came.  Perhaps our days of cursed holiday weather are over?

The Husband and I stayed at a gay guesthouse near the city called Escape (the last time we were there is was called Chestnutz).  It was a charming little joint –  if a bit quiet (one night we were the only ones there).   But on the weekend a number of other guests descended.

And some of them were as hot as the weather.

Escape Guesthouse (formally Chestnutz)

I’d post some photos but due to the fact that Escape (like most Palms Springs guesthouses) is clothing optional (and many of the guests exercised that option), it meant that cameras at poolside were strictly verboten.  Except during that day we were there on our own.

That allowed me time to grab a few photos of the grounds for my readers.

Escape Guesthouse

Perhaps the guesthouse was so quiet due to it being Dinah Shore Weekend.

What is Dinah Shore Weekend?  Well it turns out that Dinah Shore Weekend is the biggest lesbian party in the world.  We didn’t know about it being Dinah Shore when we booked (in fact, I had never heard of Dinah Shore Weekend).

But you know I love the ladies that love ladies.

And it looked like the lesbians were having a great time.

Dinah Shore Weekend

But Palm Springs isn’t the most exciting place in the world (though it may be this weekend with the White Party going on).  It’s an old city (meaning there are lots of old people that live there).

Downtown Palm Springs

Koffi (best coffee in Palm Springs)

Instead of excitement, Palm Springs is a great place to get some R&R in the sun.

Your Humble Blogger with Sonny Bono.

A big draw is the Sonny Bono statue in the middle of town.  As you may or may not remember, Bono was once the mayor of Palm Springs before he became a California congressman.  Eventually Bono died in 1998 when he smashed into a tree while skiing.

That seemed to happen a lot back then (see ‘Kennedys’ in Wikipedia).

In fact there must have been a surplus in the Palm Springs statue fund as there is also a statue of Lucille Ball (as Lucy Ricardo) outside a coffee shop.

We in Toronto usually erect statues to the likes of Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria and King George V.  But whatever floats yer boat, Palm Springs.

Jeffrey and "I Love Lucy" statue.

Jeffrey and "I Love Lucy" statue

We spent a lot of time in the guesthouse pool and whirlpool.  And after a sun-drenched week, I think the Husband and I now have enough vitamin D to get us through to summertime in Toronto.

The Gay Groom All Wet

We had a great meal at Tropicale on our last night in Palm Springs.

It’s rare that every course it brilliant – but they did it at Tropicale.  From the salad through the steak to the two red velvet cupcakes for dessert (how romantic is that?).   Red velvet cake (like grits and cornbread) really are not a Canadian thing – so it was nice to have them again.


Jeffrey and the Husband at Tropical

For a more photos, take a look at my facebook Palm Springs photo page:  Palm Springs – 2011

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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4 responses to “Palm Springs Holiday – Photos

  1. awwww a pic with the lucy statue AND the hubby (i kept reading mainly to see if there was gonna be a picture of him! oh and because the writing was so good i was mesmerized and wanted to keep reading.)

    anyway…oh i make fantastic red velvet anythings (particularly cupcakes for two….gives me an idea for y’all next val-day…you DO celebrate that up there, don’t you?)

    my lesbian best friend probably does not know about Dinah Shore Weekend Festival LezapaLeza, so i’m sending her to your blog!

    Too bad you couldn’t take pictures by the pool…. *sigh*

    And yeah. Wow. 100SPF? Who knew! 🙂

    Glad you had a great time!!!

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