Who Brought Up Politics?

What to blog about?

A week after our holiday in Palm Springs, nothing of note has really happened except for a slight chest cold.

So what to talk about?

There is an election going on… and as you likely know, your humble blogger is a card-carrying Liberal (thus I have a lot to say), but The Gay Groom Blog isn’t a political blog.   Unless you think that two men getting married is political.

For me, getting married was more ‘expensive’ than ‘political’.

And don’t you think there’s enough political blogs out there?  And since I’m just your average everyday middle of the road Liberal, any political blog I wrote just wouldn’t be loony enough to interest folks; no conspiracy theories or American Teabagger hysterics.  Besides I already blogged about the election once… and I’ll be blogging about canvassing and Election Day over the last weeks of the campaign.

But since we’re on the subject, this is a photo of yours truly with the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre, Bob Rae at last year’s Pride Parade (though it’s more accurate to say at the moment that he is the incumbent MP and current candidate for Toronto Centre).

Jeffrey and Liberal MP for Toronto Centre, Bob Rae

But it’s still a little odd seeing me with Bob (just a little).

Back in my youth I was a Young Progressive Conservative (a little right of centre) and in those days Bob was the leader of the New Democrat Party (a little left of centre).

Just goes to show you what a big tent the Liberal party is.

Blogging can be tough, especially when nothing too exciting is going on in ones life.  At times one can feel like a rather boring gay.  I sometimes think how easy it is for those gay porn blogs that get thousands of hits a day just by posting photos someone else took.

But the Gay Groom likes to keep it clean.

On a cheery note, yesterday I went to the respirologist (lung doctor) and was told that my asthma is ‘practically’ back in remission.  Your humble blogger was rather happy to hear that – considering his asperin/asthma scare of earlier this year (read the blog: “Catching My Breath at St. Mikes Hospital”).  So now,  they tell me,  I can get back to running without worrying about dropping dead on the side of the road.

And your humble blogger wants to be ready for the Pride and Remembrance 5K this June.  This is me in 2009 – again running with a team of Liberals.

Jeffrey getting to run the Pride and Remebrance 5K

Jeffrey getting to run the Pride and Remembrance 5K with the Liberal Team

I never ran when I was a Young Conservative.  That is because conservatives mostly just sauntered around sourly  and complained a lot.   Seriously, what the hell was I thinking back then?  But it was the 80s… seemed like everyone was conservative back then.

Funny how politics keeps popping up in this non-political blog!

But what wrong with a little politics?  I’ve spent a lot of my time (and life) thinking about/discussing/studying politics.   After all, there’s nothing wrong with stating your principles every now and then.  And to quote Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were:

“Hubble, people are their principles.”

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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