Sold Another Story (But What About My Novel)?

The Anthology

Your humble blogger just sold an old lackluster piece of fiction to a Canadian publisher creating a new anthology of short stories.

This particular short story had been lying around since it was pulled by Chroma Magazine at the last moment due to ‘space considerations’ a couple of years ago.

And it’s a little embarrassing to read now.

I really don’t write stories like that anymore.  You know, those light breezy stories with a nifty (and often unlikely) twist at the end.

In other words: stuff that sells.

Those stories are also easy to write; you start from your cute ‘twist’ and work backwards.  But instead, since starting my first novel, I’ve been moving farther away from the contrived (and people-pleasing) short story format and moved to a darkly funny, ambiguous, and unique narrative style that many editors appreciate but none have thought would sell.

My novel is currently being read by the same publisher that is doing the aforementioned anthology.  But your humble blogger is not holding his breath.  I have a feeling that I may be self-publishing and selling it as an e-book first.

Perhaps my second novel (that I’m working on now) will be easier to get published once the first is finally out there.

And what’s my novel about?

Well just in case any prospective publishers have found their way to my blog, my novel, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Wear Blue, is about a boy who is both part Native-Canadian and wholly gay, coming of age in the rough East End of Hamilton, Ontario.  The book follows the protagonist from childhood in the early 1970s to the age of thirty as he navigates through a hostile environment consisting of poverty, alcoholism, disease, and religious fanaticism to a place he never thought he would end up.

Did I also mention it’s funny?

So if there any publishers out there looking for a new exciting writing talent (who was one of just a the few who received a letter of recognition from the director of the Humber School for Writers) I have manuscripts ready for mailing or emailing.


As well, two chapters from The Boy Who Wouldn’t Wear Blue were short-listed for Prism Magazine’‘s Best Fiction Award in 2010 (the only author double-listed on the short list).


I suppose if this were a film a tumbleweed would roll by at this point.

On the bright side, since I’ve been trying NOT to publish much of my novel in literary magazines before the entire novel is published (though I have – on a few occasions – published a chapter or two), this new anthology publication will pad my publication history that is oh so important to those grant-giving boards (See my Writer’s Grant Blog).  So, at the moment, I don’t have to publish anymore of my novel piecemeal.

No, I will not be announcing when my lackluster piece in the anthology is published.

But I’ll take the cheque.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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2 responses to “Sold Another Story (But What About My Novel)?

  1. CONGRATS, J! You give me hope that I might some day make a successful run in this profession!

  2. Thanks, man! Been waiting for your latest blog as well 🙂

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