William and Kate: Thank Christ that’s all over

The dress (and the bride)

Today was the Royal Wedding (I think capital letters are mandatory now).  And did your humble blogger get up at 3am to watch the pomp and circumstance of William and Kate’s nuptials?

Are you kidding?

No, the Gay Groom sat this one out  – just like I did with that other “fairytale wedding”, Charles and Diana’s (that is if the fairytale you’re referring to is Bluebeard).

Some of my readers may be saying at this point, “No, Gay Groom, it can’t be true!  Didn’t you just write a blog on the Queen’s birthday last week about how exciting it was to meet her last year?  Did you forget already what a thrill it was?  What’s your problem, man?”

First of all, stop busting my balls!  And second of all, I understand the confusion.  I did just write a blog (with photos and YouTube video link) of my meeting with the Queen last July (See blog here:  The Day I Met Queen Elizabeth II)

But do not take that as my endorsement of the monarchy.

I’m actually a Republican – but not in that crazy American teabager born-again hate the poor Republican kind of way.  I think I may have described the royal family as an “inbred entitled freak show.”   After all, if your humble blogger wanted to see the inbred son of an inbred son of an inbred son marry a distant cousin he would have have stayed in Georgia.

Yes, I’d like to see Canada exorcise itself from the royals.  Just as soon as Charles becomes king (and the Duchess of Cornwall becomes his fiendlike queen).

I think Canada will be ready to call it quits by then.

And I think I did a pretty good job at ignoring the entire wedding nonsense.  I have not seen a second of video of the thing.  I do not know what the Queen wore (it better not be in the same dress she met me in!) or if Kate pronounced all twenty-six of William’s name correctly at the alter.

Scoffed photo from LA Times

But Canada, like most of the world (and especially the US which has gone Royal Wedding overboard), seemed to have become transfixed by this wedding.  Even distracting us from one of the most important elections in modern history.

In fact, this is an actual Toronto Star headline this week: “Canadians more interested in election than royal wedding, polls suggest.” I guess we should be happy we’re not a country of complete idiots but did we really need a poll?

By the way, remember when a Friday wedding meant the bride was pregnant?

All photos were stolen from legitimate newspapers

So now that this foolishness is over, can we get back to important things?  Like yours humble blogger’s opinions about everything?

However,  just to show that I’m not without a romantic sentimental side (I am, after all, the Gay Groom), allow me to add my voice to the billions of others who wish those crazy kids all the best in the coming years.

What the...

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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