Holding My Breath at the Annual Freedom Festival Marijuana March in Toronto

15,000 Freedom Festival marchers on Bloor today

Today was the annual Freedom Festival Marijuana March in Toronto.

Now in its 13th year, the march is designed to protest for the legalization of marijuana. There are similar events held across the world, but the Toronto demonstration is considered one of the largest.

According to CTV news, about 15,000 people came out for the festival and march this year.

Now your humble blogger isn’t a prude.  In fact, he likes to think that he is rather liberal in his position on marijuana laws in Canada.

Yes, I’ve smoked marijuana.

And I inhaled, too.  However my pot experience adds up to only a handful of times  over the course of my entire life and I have not touched the stuff in over a decade.

In fact, about half the time I did smoke pot I would throw up (including the last time when I threw up steadily for about two miles as I walked down Queen’s Quay).  And I never had that nice feeling I’ve heard people talk about; I always just waited patiently – actually more anxiously – for the feeling to be over.

I also lost some control over my throat and would often have trouble swallowing (but not throwing up for some reason).

And besides, your humble blogger didn’t need pot.  He got absolutely everything he needed and wanted from alcohol.

But enough of this stagger down memory lane.

Today's annual Freedom Festival Marijuana March

So as I said, I think pot should be legalized.  However, I hate the smell (I also hate the smell of cigarette smoke) and I don’t like being assaulted by the stench of pot when I’m strolling through a park on a summer day.

Maybe if we had a district like they have in Amsterdam.   That way all those mad into reefer could have their pot (and smoke it too) while I wouldn’t have to smell it.

But I can’t see that happening in Toronto, can you?

By the way, it seems odd that for a man who doesn’t even drink or use Tylenol 3s, this is my second marijuana blog in a week (see last week’s blog:   Making Alice B. Toklas hashish fudge – The Recipe).

But I digress.

So today your humble blogger and his husband were doing what all fashionable gay men do in Toronto in the spring and summer months (we were at a cafe in Yorkville) when we heard the din or young voice and drums.  On our way home we ran into an enormous crowd of (mostly) young folks carrying signs and banners, shouting and singing as they marched down Bloor Street.  Over them hung a cloud of marijuana smoke.

It was the Annual Freedom Festival Marijuana March.

The husband dashed across the street to the clear (less intoxicating) air of the other side.   Stuck in the haze I took these photos with my iPhone and then held my breath and scurried through the marcher across the street unscathed (though I did have the munchies when I got home so a slight contact high may have occurred).

And in examining the photos I think I discovered that perhaps the best rebuttal to their argument for the legalization of pot is their own:

Perhaps they should have made the signs before they blazed up.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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