So I Ran this 5K Today…

Jeffrey before the run

Today I ran the Pride and Remembrance 5K.

For those who are regular readers, you will remember seven weeks ago when I wrote a blog about your humble blogger beginning to train for his first 5K in a couple of years (Training for the Pride and Remembrance Run).   And the Pride and Remembrance run is one of my favourite events during Toronto’s Gay Pride Week.

I was a little nervous the night before the run.

The mistake I made was reading too much on what to do the week before you race.  First of all most of the information you find on the internet contradicts itself (taper down on mileage, don’t taper down on mileage, don’t eat before, eat before, don’t drink water two hours before, drink water right before, don’t drink coffee in the morning, drink coffee in the morning).  So I’m still not sure what I should have done – except I should have drank more water.  I made a mental note for next time.

I also wasn’t used to running on the road.

Jeffrey running

Because I’m asthmatic, my respirologist advised that I run only inside on a treadmill.  So none of my training for the 5K (five miles three times a week) was actually done outside on the road – I wasn’t used to the feel of asphalt, the hazy humid air, or the natural inclines of the road.  And your humble blogger’s legs took a bit of a beating.

But though it was a rough run (and sadly I didn’t hit my goal of breaking 30 minutes), I enjoyed it.

After the run

And I’m not going to stop now.  My next run day is Tuesday and I’ll be logging at least five miles.

Perhaps there is another 5K for me in the fall.

Though this time my training will include a few runs outside (on days where the air quality is good) and I’ll also have to start using the incline on the treadmill from time to time as well.

And next time I’ll break 30 minutes.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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5 responses to “So I Ran this 5K Today…

  1. vodkawilldo

    Well done, Jeffrey! I ran a Pride Run in San Francisco a week ago and it was a good race, too. Keep up the good work!

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