Yep, That’s Me On Amazon!

A new anthology of gay fiction, Truth or Dare, which includes my short story “Wedding Bands” is now available on

This is the first time that any of your humble blogger’s writing has been available on Amazon so today, after I was informed of its availability on the world’s largest book purchasing website by the publishers, I immediately went to, did a search on my name, “Jeffrey Luscombe”, and held my breath.

There it was!

Amazon search on 'Jeffrey Luscombe'

What a thrill it was to see the book pop up when searching my name.  Amazon knew who I was!

I felt like a real writer!

In fact, as I looked at my name beside “author” I decided that the next time I go to the States I’m going to put “writer” in the occupation box for US customs.

Though I thought that the cover of the anthology may be a tad too suggestive.  What do you think?  Blindfolded guy with another guy’s hands around his head.  I don’t think it would have been my first choice.

But they don’t ask your advice about book covers, apparently.

Truth or Dare

In Canada, the book is available from

I also searched my name in Rainbow Books.   Truth or Dare with a nifty description was displayed on my laptop screen.  Not to give too much of my story away but the “young man facing the consequences of infidelity” in the following description is my story, “Wedding Bands”.

Rainbow books

Now this isn’t my best short story.

However it is a fun piece.   I originally wrote the story for a large gay magazine in England, but it was pulled at the last moment due to ‘space constants’.   So I sent it off to this publisher who liked it and wanted it for their anthology.

And that’s how your humble blogger ended up on Amazon.

Now hopefully my novel (which I am currently finishing up) will be there soon as well…

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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