Electrical Storm Over Toronto (photo blog)

Ok, so it wasn’t Hurricane Irene or the earthquake that had people in Virgina freaking out yesterday, but this evening Toronto was hit with one hell of an electrical storm.

In fact, Toronto was also under a tornado watch for most of the evening as a cold front pushed in on the heels of hot humid air.   The line of severe weather extended from Windsor to Toronto (the Husband was in a hotel in London, Ontario, smack dab in the middle).

Luckily, although funnel clouds were spotted, no tornadoes were said to have touched down in Ontario.  That’s a good thing.  Yet (just to be safe) I did check search the internet to get some info on what to do if one is in a highrise when a tornado hits.  And I also made sure my iPhone was charged – just in case.

When the storm hit the sky over Toronto was lit up for almost an hour.

And your humble blogger couldn’t let such a spectacle go by without taking a few photos.  I took these from the bedroom window of our condominium (looking east) in downtown Toronto.

But tomorrow, they tell me, will be a very pleasant day.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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