The Gay Groom Hits One Hundred

A toast to my 100th

Although I’m still recuperating from my sinus surgery, I couldn’t let the 100th Gay Groom post go by without at least a little fanfare.

After all, it’s my Centennial.

When I first starting blogging about my upcoming wedding back in 2009, I never really thought that I’d still be doing it over two years later.  I had envisioned that The Gay Groom would cease after my nuptials – after all the posts about caterers, rings, music and the rest of the crazy wedding planning finally ended.  In fact I did stop writing The Gay Groom for some time.  However (contrary to Hollywood romantic comedies) it turns out that life does indeed go on after one says “I do”… so I started blogging again, but this time my posts were about living life as a gay married man – with all the ups and downs that go with living in a big city and growing (kicking and screaming) into middle-age.  As well, I’ve also written some reviews of books, theatre, art exhibitions and anything else that has struck your humble blogger’s fancy.

In addition to writing all about my big fat gay wedding, together we have met Queen Elizabeth II, stared down death when an asthma attack landed your humble blogger in the hospital, trained for and ran a 5K race during Pride, celebrated Alice B. Toklas’ birthday with Alice’s hash brownie recipe (oddly, this is one of my most viewed blogs) lived through the Rapture, tested ‘suggested fee’ museums in NYC by attempting to get in the Metropolitan and Frick for a penny and went under the knife for my sinus surgery.

I’ve shared stories about growing up gay, like World’s Worst Little Hockey Player, My First Book of Gay Erotica: The Sears Catalog and Nearly Everything I Needed to Know About Sex I Learned from The Sensuous Woman.

And speaking of growing up gay, one of the really cool things to happen to your humble blogger while writing The Gay Groom was when I received a note from Bjorn Borg telling me he had read and enjoyed my post, Me and Björn Borg – A Love Story, all about the schoolboy crush I had on him when I was seven.   Borg would also send me an autographed pair of ‘lucky underwear’ from his Bjorn Borg underwear line as thanks (photo).

And it seems that I have struck a cord with many of you as well, as I have been fortunate enough to have had tens of thousands of readers.

Let me take a moment to say how thankful I am to everyone who has popped by to take a look at my scribblings – and a very special thanks to all those who have subscribed to my little blog.

It is greatly appreciated.

Thus, I plan on continuing writing The Gay Groom for the foreseeable future.  And whatever’s in store next for your humble blogger… I hope you will come along for the ride.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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2 responses to “The Gay Groom Hits One Hundred

  1. Ray

    Congratulations! And from your sick bed yet. What a trooper. Must say this photo looks much better than the “post operation one 😉
    Looking forward to hearing more from the Gay Groom.

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