Our Second Wedding Anniversary

October 3, 2009

Today is my second wedding anniversary.

And according to the ‘traditional gifts’ for anniversaries, this means that this is your humble blogger’s cotton wedding anniversary.

The Gay Groom is actually apt to believe that cotton as a basis for gift giving is actually crummier than the traditional first year gift (paper) with which you could always give cold hard cash.

But cotton?

A quick search of the internet suggests gifts for a cotton anniversary include cloth napkins, sheets, pillowcases, table clothes, tea towels, place mats, aprons, bathrobes, bath towels and… cotton candy?

I think we’ll skip the whole cotton thing.

Besides, next week your humble blogger and his Husband are celebrating their anniversary by sailing on an Atlantis cruise from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We had gone on the same cruise for our honeymoon two years ago and had a brilliant time (except the part when we had to dodge Hurricane Rick).  We’ll be leaving for San Diego next week.

Atlantis is the big ‘gay’ cruise people… and yes,  I will be blogging all about the big gay ship on my return!

But we couldn’t let our actual anniversary go by without doing something special.  Last year we had gone to Montreal for our anniversary weekend and had a great time.  This year we decided to stay in and cook each other a good meal.  We had steak.

Big.  Fat.  Juicy.  Steak.

I know that that sounds like some kind of gay code, but the truth is… sometime a couple of big fat pieces of meat are just a couple of big fat pieces of meat.

Big Fat Juicy - and Expensive - Anniversary Steak

And steak beats cotton.

But seriously, these last two years of married life have been wonderful.  I love being married.  I recommend it to everyone. And as it turns out… I’m a damned good husband.

Who would have thought it?

And, you may ask,  is marriage all ‘wine and roses’?  No, not all the time.  But how great to know that even in the rough times there is someone, a partner, a lover, a husband, to walk along the road with you. And who the hell wants to walk alone?

Happy Anniversary to my Husband, Sean!

And to celebrate our second anniversary, a look back at Our Wedding Dance: http://www.facebook.com/v/323540724111

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom

PS:  We will be accepting anniversary gifts (cotton-based or not) for the entire month of October which I have proclaimed “The Gay Groom Cotton Anniversary Month”  😉


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One response to “Our Second Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary…might I suggest cotton underwear?

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