The Gay Groom Sails Into the Sunset (For Two Weeks at Least)

Holland America's Oosterdam

Your humble blogger is taking a couple of weeks off.

Tomorrow I am leaving for the west coast where the Husband and I will be taking a cruise to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas on Holland America’s Oosterdam.

A gay cruise, that is.

And gay cruises, if you have never been on one, are something to see!  They are also a lot of fun.  Think of it like The Love Boat but with 99% men.  Even Charo often pops up on the gay cruises as well!  Of course I will have my camera with me and will blog all about it when we return.  I will also do my best to add a couple of mini-posts with photos from my iPhone if I ever find reliable wi-fi in Mexico.

And with Hurricane Jova headed toward Puerto Vallarta, this could be an even more interesting cruise.  Actually, on our honeymoon, the Husband and I hit Hurricane Rick on our way to Mazatlan.

I’m starting to think that October is not the best time to go to Mexico.

Right now the Husband and I are trying to finish packing.  We had quite a lot to do today.  Additionally, I had completely forgotten that I had to get my Ontario Arts Council grant application in before I left… so I spent much of last night and early today putting it together and dropped it off this afternoon (for all the fun of grant application writing see my blog “Support Your Local Artist (or Seriously, Give me Some Money)“.

Have a great couple of weeks and I’ll see you (well, write you) when I get back!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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