I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Last week the television show foQus with Deb Pearce aired an interview I did on Rogers TV.

Last month the producers of foQus called me up asking if they could discuss my award-winning blog, The Gay Groom (which has, it seems, started to get quite a reputation in the old blogosphere) on their show.

Of course I said yes.

foQus with Deb Pearce is described as “a weekly show highlighting the issues and successes of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community while also focusing on organizations, events, artist and performers within Toronto.”

I’m really not sure what the second ‘T”, the first “Q”, the “I” or the “A” stands for in LGBTTIQQ2SA… but that’s not really the point of this blog…

Anyway, foQus with Deb Pearce is on Tuesdays at 10:30pm (right before Sex at 11 with Rebecca) and is rerun number of times through the week.  I could tell when the show reran as the views of The Gay Groom would double.  Now I don’t call it ‘pimping’ my blog because that would be vulgar (and you humble blogger is anything but vulgar) but I suppose others could say that that was exactly what I was doing.

As for Deb Pearce is a well-known in the Toronto gay community, having done comedy, drag and radio before starting her television show last year.  Pearce said of her show: “I love exploring people’s stories.  To really sit down and talk to somebody that I haven’t met before excites me. To highlight people that I know are great also excites me because I want the Rogers viewer to now know them and have queer terms and queer sensitivities in their vocabulary.”

I’m not sure how exciting it was for Deb to sit down with the Gay Groom.

But your humble blogger enjoyed speaking with Deb (she, her producer and her camera man came over to my home to shoot).  I love foQus and watch it religiously (the only religious thing this atheist does).   And as an interviewer, she is simply charming.

Well, she was simply charming according to this interviewee.

In addition to some of my recent posts on The Gay Groom, we also discussed the novel I’m working on, growing up in Hamilton and my wedding (the genesis of The Gay Groom).

Now those in Canada who are Rogers Cable subscribers (and are so inclined) can see my interview on foQus on Roger on Demand:  Click here for foQus on Rogers on Demand.

A big thanks to all those who messaged me to say they enjoyed the show.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


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