Pride Lite (Halloween in Toronto’s Gay Village)

It was only back in the 1970s when gay men would be belted with rocks and bottles on Halloween night as they walked into gay bars on Yonge Street in Toronto.

Thank goodness that doesn’t happen anymore…

All sarcasm aside, today gays and straights come together (in relative harmony) on Halloween night to enjoy the costumes and party on Church Street, Toronto’s gay village.

I call it ‘Pride Lite’.

Your humble blogger hit the streets as well, to take few photos for his readers and to enjoy the conviviality.   Though I really didn’t put much work into Halloween this year.  In fact, my entire costume cost me a total of $3.98.  That’s  99 cents for white cardboard and $2.99 for the cross.

Yes, your Gay Groom was a priest.

So, tell me, how was your Halloween?

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom



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3 responses to “Pride Lite (Halloween in Toronto’s Gay Village)

  1. Robert Power

    Our favourite memory of Hallowe’en was on Church Street about 10 years ago. People were driving up and down the street so people could get a look at the costumes. In one car there was a white poodle hanging out the window barking furiously at a drag queen who was dressed as a white poodle and barking back. The two barked at each other for about a minute and everyone on the sidewalk totally cracked up!

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