From Jury Room Purgatory

This is the first blog written entirely on my iPhone using the WordPress app. That is because your humble blogger has nothing else to do.

I was chosen for jury duty.

Jury duty, I’ve decided, is like winning a lottery. A Shirley Jackson lottery, that is.

So starting Monday I have been stuck in a room with 300 others folks (I’m told a cross-section of Torontonians. If this is true this city is in trouble). That is I’m stuck in a room once I get through the metal detectors and x-ray machine checking out the inside of the egg salad sandwich I had in my bag for lunch that are positioned at the entrance of the Superior Court. It sometimes has a longer line than the airport.

Christ, this is the pits!

Days run from 8:30am until 4:30pm. During that time you sit and wait to be called to the trial room. There you will either be chosen or sent back to the jury room and placed back in the pool. If one is never called he or she is done Friday. If he or she is chosen they are here for the duration.

Or so they told us day one when we watched a video entitled ‘Jury Duty and You’. Can I also mention that the jury folk in that video looked just a little too thrilled to be there. Actors. No one in my room looked anything other than put upon.

And after three long days, no one in the jury room has been called. It must be a slow trial week. And all 300 of us (those who didn’t get out of jury duty with some sob story or doctor’s note) sit and wait.

And wait…

Some read. This appears to be the most popular way to kill time. Internet surfing, sleeping, texting, knitting and addressing Xmas cards were also popular.

And at least one of us is writing a blog.

So tell me, has anyone else ever do their civic duty (forced or not) in jury duty purgatory?  Tips for passing the time?

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom

* Update: After three days they dismissed the entire jury room. Apparently this lack of trials needing jury folk ‘happens from time to time’. On the bright side I’m exempt from jury duty for three years. Hey, I’ll take it!


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