Not Another Year in Review Blog!

In with the new and out with the old (or so they say).

Today your humble blogger took down his old 2011 Group of Seven kitchen calendar.  And began glancing through its pages…

January 2011 marked a change for the Gay Groom when he decided to continue blogging about non-wedding/marriage related topics.  In trying to decide what to write about (no easy feat, let me tell ya), he considered a la Julie and Julia, to work his way through The Gay Joy of SexThe New Joy of Gay Sex Project

In mid January I had a physical.  This I do nearly every year except this time I, now being over forty, had my first prostate exam and dispel the myth that all gay men would find this a thrill:   Let’s Get (a) Physical.

Also in January I flirted with death when I discovered I had an allergy to aspirin and landed in the hospital.  Of course I took time out to take a photo of myself in the ER.  The lengths your humble blogger goes through for his readers! At the end of the month I turned 43.  This lead me to ask Am I a Daddy Now?

For Valentine’s Day in February, the Husband and I celebrated in our usual romantic fashion:  My Big Gay Valentine’s Day.  To continue the theme of love and sex in the dreary month February, The Gay Groom looked at (from afar, mind you, I’m married) the popularity of two ‘dating’ iPhone apps, Grindr and Scruff:    The Gay Groom is Wired.

On St. Patrick’s Day your humble blogger discovering his Irish roots, green beer, the Shamrock Shake and peeing green:  Kiss Me I’m 37.5% Irish.  Also in March we lost Elizabeth Taylor: Star, Legend and Gay Icon which was shocking since I was starting to think she would never die (like Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontain)but life goes on.  And Liz would have wanted it that way.  And at the end of March the husband and I fled the rotten weather and headed to sunny and very warm Palm Springs:  Palm Springs Holiday Photos.

Of course the big news in April (to most but not to me) was the wedding of Prince William to Kate whats-her-face.  I didn’t watch it and tried to avoid it but still this didn’t stop me from having an opinion about it:  William and Kate: Thank Christ that’s All Over.  In May we were told by some crack-pot that the Rapture was going to occur.  As you recall, his stupid followers sold their homes and waited for the angels to sweep them up to heaven.  Shockingly, this didn’t happen.  Being brought up Baptist, your humble blogger gave a primer for all those who were wondering what exactly this “Rapture” is: A Rapture Primer (For those About To Be Left Behind). 

I received a lot of hate mail for my Rapture blog to which I can only reply with 1 Thessalonians 4:11:  “Mind your own business.”

In June The Gay Groom got the skinny on nude beaches in Toronto: It’s So Hot the Toronto Island Ferry Took Off His Slip and celebrated when Marriage Equality came to New York State .  On June 16th I again celebrated the great literary “holy day”:  Happy Bloomsday.

July in Toronto was glorious! And all your humble blogger’s hard work paid off when he ran in the Pride and Remembrance 5K on July 2:  So I Ran This 5K Today…

At the end of July the Husband and I flew to New York City for the long weekend (New York city Photo Blog) and I risked scorn and horrified indignation when I tried out suggested fee museums to see if one could really get into The Metropolitan and Frick for a penny (spoiler – I did!):   Testing Out Suggested Fee Museums in New York.

September was a rough month for the Gay Groom as he went under the knife for sinus surgery (and also had his very first Percocet):   The Gay Groom Goes Under the Knife.  After a few weeks of recuperation, I was able to volunteer again at the Toronto AIDS walk at the end of the month:  AIDS Walk for Life Toronto, 2011.

In October we celebrated our second wedding anniversary and then headed to San Diego for an all-gay Atlantis Mexican Riviera Cruise.  It was a wild week on the seas (or as wild as a married man gets… which of course means eating a lot):    Our Big Gay Cruise.   I also scoped the ship to see what affluent gay men at vacation are reading these days:  Big Gay Vacation Reads.   At the end of the month Halloween came on schedule and we celebrated in Toronto’s gay village (as gays know how to celebrate Halloween):  Pride Lite (Halloween on Church Street).

November saw your humble blogger lose his laptop (blue screen of death) and was laptopless (is that a word?) until I was – though I’m not exactly sure how – able to fix the computer myself the last week in December using Google search for help:  The Cerulean Screen of Death.    Then to make matters worse in November, I was called for jury duty.  Ever write a blog on an iPhone? It takes a long long time:  From Jury Room Purgatory. 

In December I wrote a series of blogs on Christmas in the 1970s.  I looked at the Sears Christmas Wishbook in a different (erotic) way (Taking Another Look at the Sears Christmas Wish Book (My First Book of Gay Erotica) and the worst gift a little gay boy like myself ever received, ice skates!  The Worst Christmas Gift Ever.

And here we are about to start it all again.

So from me, The Gay Groom, to you and yours I wish you very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!  Now let’s get started.

Jeffrey, the Gay Groom.



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6 responses to “Not Another Year in Review Blog!

  1. Robert Power

    Byzantium! Love that restaurant. We had our wedding reception dinner there in 2003!

  2. Quite the year! I hope your 2012 is magnificent!

  3. What a great idea, the review of the blogging year! I might just steal the idea for my blog. From one fellow Canuck to another, I wish you and your husband a happy and healthy 2012.

    • Steal away! As I recall I, stole the idea from another blogger as well 🙂 Glad to see your Xmas went well… the Indian feast looked great (but was that in the photo at the stove 😉 ) And it must have been lovely having a white Xmas… no such luck in Toronto.

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