My Book Jacket Photo Shoot

Since my novel, Shirts and Skins, was picked up by a publisher at the beginning of January, things have been moving pretty quickly to meet the May 01, 2012 publication date.

A couple of weeks ago I had a photo shoot for my book jacket photo.

Here are a couple:

Now I’m not the kind of guy that loves having his photo taken but luckily the photographer knew what he was doing and the whole process only took about half an hour.

Someone asked if I would be airbrushing away the lines in my forehead or between my eyes.  Hell no!  I want everyone to know how hard it was to write a novel… and all the damned frowning that went into creating it!

I have also been collecting ‘blurbs’ for my novel.  Blurbs are a line or two about the book from other authors that we can put on the book jacket (along with my lined face).

So far I have received two:

First, thanks to the wonderful Lauren B. Davis for providing me with the following blurb for my novel. “Shirts and Skins is an assured and compassionate novel. Jeffrey Luscombe understands the power of what isn’t said and has created a work that sizzles with repressed sexuality and family tension. The characters are utterly believable. A satisfying and compelling work.” — Lauren B. Davis, author of OUR DAILY BREAD, THE RADIANT CITY and THE STUBBORN SEASON

Also, I was thrilled to get another blub for my book from Governor General’s Award winner and Order of Canada member, Nino Ricci: “Tightly written and keenly observed, Shirts and Skins is an impressive debut from a writer we’re sure to hear more from.” — Nino Ricci, author of LIVES OF THE SAINTS, TESTAMENT and THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES

I am expecting one or two more blurbs before I’m done.

In the next week or so an excerpt of Shirts and Skins will be included in an anthology.  I will let you know where and when it will be available for those interested.  And, as I said, the big day is May 01.

So which photo do you prefer?  Dark or light?  Perhaps it should be in black and white?

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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22 responses to “My Book Jacket Photo Shoot

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    First of all congratulations on the progress with the publication process.

    I would vote for photo #2 (i.e. the larger headshot). I think it’s considerably more intense and dramatic.

    Best wishes,

  2. Congrats. Keep us posted as I plan on getting this when it comes out. I vote for the second pic.

  3. You look quite handsome in both pictures. I am voting for #2, but you are well served by which ever photo is selected. Congratulations of the book–I am eager to read it!

  4. Congratulations, Jeffrey.
    Looking forward to May Day!
    My choice for photo (not that it matters, evidently :-), is #2 as well.

    Very happy for you.

  5. Wow! You are very handsome! I like photo #2 with its more even lighting; the dark / light areas in photo #1 are a bit distracting. Also, I like the larger head shot. Congratulations on this exciting new development!!

  6. Derekj01

    I agree with the others, Photo #2 looks very distinguished, just like something you would see on a book cover, but bother are good pictures.

  7. Adam

    Yup. Number 2 with its better lighting is more flattering, but both photos show an interesting and handsome man. I’m eager to see the excerpt and then the finished product. Congrats!

  8. Edward

    Given the title, shouldn’t you use a shirtless picture?

  9. The second one, with a lighter background actually works a world of contradictions; makes you look a little edgy with a dark possibly dangerous aspect and yet a very nice looking hottie!
    airbrushing didn’t even occur to me

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