They Got Me Covered!

Today was an exciting day for your humble blogger.

This morning my publisher sent me a galley print for the cover of my novel, Shirts and Skins.

Yes, it’s all starting to finally come together!

A special thanks to Nino Ricci, Lauren B. Davis and Michael Rowe for reading advance copies of my book and providing a blurb for the cover:

“Tightly written and keenly observed, Shirts and Skins is an impressive debut from a writer we’re sure to hear more from.” — Nino Ricci, author of LIVES OF THE SAINTS, TESTAMENT, THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES

“Shirts and Skins is a novel that will speak to anyone who has ever felt the inextricable bonds of the past, or felt the long shadow of family and home places as they strive towards the light of wholeness of identity and self-ownership. A first novel deeply felt and skillfully told, by a writer with insight, compassion, and talent to burn.” — Michael Rowe, author of ENTER, NIGHT and OTHER MEN’S SONS

“Shirts and Skins is an assured and compassionate novel.  Jeffrey Luscombe understands the power of what isn’t said and has created a work that sizzles with repressed sexuality and family tension.  The characters are utterly believable. A satisfying and compelling work.”  — Lauren B. Davis, author of OUR DAILY BREAD, THE RADIANT CITY and THE STUBBORN SEASON

Thank you for your kind words.   I’m blushing!

And that is one reason why The Gay Groom has not been posting with quite the same frequency the last couple of months.  I have been proof reading and putting the finishing touches on the book.  Luckily, I see light at the end of the tunnel and expect to be back to my old blogging self soon.

Shirts and Skins will be released May 15, 2012.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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10 responses to “They Got Me Covered!

  1. tdub68

    congrats my friend! very happy for you! (and inspired!)

  2. Robert Power

    Wow! Looks so good! When will it be in bookstores? Can’t wait to read it.

  3. michaelcharlesrowe

    I hope you’re going to have a launch up here, Jeff. Nice to see your success!

    • Thanks, Michael! I don’t know if you noticed the missing dash before your name (that Nino and Lauren have) but it has since been added to the galley. I’m not sure about launches. Will let you know though 🙂

  4. michaelcharlesrowe

    Beautiful. Hope you’re doing a book launch up here…? Very happy to see your success!

  5. Looking good. Do we say ‘break a leg’ for authors? I don’t know but you have my best wishes!

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