Happy 35th Birthday to Michael Fassbender’s Penis

It impressed George Clooney and it impressed us.

So a very happy birthday to German (or is it Irish?) actor Michael Feassbender!

Michael is one of a handful (pun intended) of actors around today (Ewan McGregor, Emile Hirsch, Jason Segel being others – not that I’m keeping track) that is willing to go full-frontal in front of the camera for his art.

So it’s not really surprising that he should have a bit of a gay following.

But as The Gay Groom is rated PG-13, your humble blogger can only show you Michael’s chest (which, like his penis, is also celebrating its 35th birthday today).

Oh, we were  impressed with his huge acting talent too!

So what is your favourite male full-frontal Hollywood film (or female full-frontal film, the Gay Groom doesn’t discriminate)?

If I have enough, I’ll write a blog on your responses.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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14 responses to “Happy 35th Birthday to Michael Fassbender’s Penis

  1. One of the first full frontal scenes I remember was in ” A Room With a View.” Julian Sands, Simon Callow and Rupert Graves (I think…) in a skinny dipping scene. It may well be my favorite.

  2. You posed an interesting question. I would have thought I had remembered every full frontal moment but faced with the specific question I’m having difficulty recalling them.

    It may be difficult to beat Fassbender’s exposure in ‘Shame’ for sheer size even though they tried to dilute the effect with shadows.

    Jason Segel provided a more standard but nicely proportioned reveal in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’.

    Kevin Bacon’s brief shower glimpse in ‘Wild Things’ remains in my mind’s eye.

  3. I’m Really enjoying reading @JeffreyLuscomb’s blog http://www.gaygroom.wordpress.com. “Happy 35th Birthday to Michael Fassbender’s Penis” brought back some fun memories from the VHS era.

    In answer to the question I, like the first responder, was thinking “A Room With A View.” It was the first movie I saw with full-frontal male nudity and a generous amount of it. I saw it as a teen, still in the closet, so it was a sensational breath of fresh air.

    But, my number one pick is still “Prospero’s Books,” Peter Greenaway’s artistic retelling of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The story takes place on a magical island populated by what looked like a cast of thousands men and woman, all shapes and sizes, all completely nude. It is shot in the most artful way, a real celebration of words, storytelling, Shakespeare and, for me, the beautiful variety of male bodies I’ve ever seen in one film.

    Alas, the holder of the rights has yet to release the film in DVD, let alone Blu-ray HD DVD which it really deserves, but I check regularly. If you have a chance to see it, do so. It’s a mind-blowing work of art as a function or output of humanity, itself.

    • I think all of us of a certain age remember A Room with a View fondly. I’ve never heard of Prospero’s Books. I did see Christopher Plummer in The Tempest at Stratford but he kept his clothes on 😉

  4. Yes, indeed! The skinny-dipping scenes in “A Room with a View” were touchstone erotica; & since then Jude Law going full-frontal as “Bosie” in “Wilde” http://judelawissohot.tribe.net/photos/e7b1885b-a0c7-4e8a-8c42-53fbe633accd
    is in my humble opinion hot & worth often revisiting!

    • I’ve never seen Wilde. Looks like it’s worth a rental!

      • Yes, Jude Law is hot, & “Wilde” is very much worthwhile. Hoping that you’re having a good week-end?

      • Having a great weekend here in Toronto, William! Finishing the last looky-loo of my book before sending to my publisher and going to a Picasso exhibition tomorrow 🙂

      • It sounds so deliciously upper class, your expression “looky-loo”! So, your new book come out next Tuesday! You must be abt2 au moment où wet your pants?!

        I envy you, getting to see the Picassos. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to get to visit the Musée National Picasso.

      • We were in Paris 2007, 2008 and 2010 and EACH time the Musée National Picasso was closed for renovation or some other reason. Funny now we are going to see it in our hometown 🙂

        Is May 15 next Tuesday? It snuck up on me!! Well things crossed. We did a late change of the cover (artist commissioned last week) but we are still hoping we can hit the release date. Can’t wait to see my new cover!

      • No, next Tuesday is May 1st! I hadn’t realized that the publication had been postponed!

      • May 15, I hope! But as long as it’s done right I’m fine with a later date 🙂

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