My Book, Shirts and Skins, is Now Available!

After two long years, today Shirts and Skins is available.

Clicking the logos below will take you directly to each vendor’s purchasing page for Shirts and Skins.

The book will be available in Canada at and Chapters/Indigo soon.  Of course Canadians can purchase the book from either the Amazon or Barnes and Noble US sites.  And for those in the Toronto area, today I spoke to the good people at Glad Day Bookstore today and they are buying copies of Shirts of Skins.

Just in time for the Pride gift-giving season!

About the novel

A remarkable debut novel from Jeffrey Luscombe—a compelling series of linked stories of a young man’s coming-out, coming-of-age, and coming-to-terms with his family and fate.

Josh Moore lives with his family on the ‘wrong side’ of Hamilton, a gritty industrial city in southwestern Ontario. As a young boy, Josh plots an escape for a better life far from the steel mills that lined the bay. But fate has other plans and Josh discovers his adult life in Toronto is just as fraught with as many insecurities and missteps as his youth and he soon learns that no matter how far away he might run, he will never be able to leave his hometown behind.

Praise for Shirts and Skins by Jeffrey Luscombe

 “Tightly written and keenly observed, Shirts and Skins is an impressive debut from a writer we’re sure to hear more from.”

—Nino Ricci, author of Lives of the Saints, Testament, and The Origin of Species

 “Shirts and Skins is an assured and compassionate novel. Jeffrey Luscombe understands the power of what isn’t said and has created a work that sizzles with repressed sexuality and family tension. The characters are utterly believable. A satisfying and compelling work.”

—Lauren B. Davis, author of Our Daily Bread, The Radiant City and The Stubborn Season

Shirts and Skins is a novel that will speak to anyone who has ever felt the inextricable bonds of the past, or felt the long shadow of family and home places as they strive towards the light of wholeness of identity and self-ownership. A first novel deeply felt and skillfully told, by a writer with insight, compassion, and talent to burn.”

—Michael Rowe, author of Enter, Night and Other Men’s Sons

About the author

Jeffrey Luscombe was born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. He holds a BA and MA in English from the University of Toronto. He attended The Humber College School for Writers where he was mentored by writers Nino Ricci and Lauren B. Davis. He has had fiction published in Chelsea Station, Tupperware Sandpiper, Zeugma Literary Journal, and filling Station Magazine. In 2010 he was shortlisted for the Prism International Fiction Prize. He was a contributor to the anthology Truth or Dare (Slash Books Inc. 2011). He lives in Toronto with his husband Sean. Shirts and Skins is his first novel.

So folks… let me know what you think of my book!

 Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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  1. Best wishes for your publication!

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