It’s So Hot the Toronto Island Ferry Took Off His Slip

Two things Canadians love to talk about are how hot it is and how cold it is.  Today this Canadian will be doing the former.

It’s bloody hot in Toronto.

Today we hit 35ºC (or 95ºF for my American readers).  However, with the humidex it felt like 42ºC or 107.6ºF.  I think we can actually describe that as ‘goddam hot’.

Now Toronto is great in the summer (not so much in February).  But right now it may be a tad hot to be shlepping across the city. But we aren’t the only ones melting. The heat is on all across North America.  Well all across North America EXCEPT the folks in the north west.

Look at this image from NPR showing the number of places in the US where daily maximum temperature records were broken in June. The data center says 2,284 records were broken and another 998 were tied.

That’s what global warming looks like.

Now there are a few ways to cool off in Toronto.  The city has set up cooling stations through the city for folks to get out of the heat of the street or (for those without air conditioning) the heat of their apartment, city pools are open until midnight, and we have a number of beaches in the city as well (being situated on Lake Ontario) including a nude beach on Toronto Island called Hanlan’s Point.

Sign on Toronto Island

Hanlan’s Point is pretty gay.

But anywhere there are naked men, gay men seem to pop up.  It was even through the efforts of a group of gay men in Toronto (TNT Men) that Hanlan’s Point became ‘officially’ clothing optional about a decade ago (unofficially it’s been clothing optional for about a hundred years).

And it’s changed since becoming all legitimate.

Back in the day there was nothing but the relentless sun on the sand at Hanlan’s Point (and the occasional rustling in the bushes along the sand-line), but today visitors can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas…  there is a snack bar and washrooms nearby and boats anchor by the shore.

The once alternative strip of freedom (where he risk of being charged with public nudity was all part of the fun) has now become a tourist area.  Suddenly there was an influx of lookie-loos – clothed folks trying to get a cheap thrill walking on the beach.

During Pride they even have a big dance party on the beach – I have never attended but I hear it’s a fun time.  Though I think I’d rather see people wearing at least some shorts when they’re dancing.

How about you?

Now your humble blogger has been in clothing optional beaches around the globe – Mykonos in Greece, Spain, France, Brazil…

And the guys (and even the gals) in Toronto’s can hold their own with those other places.

Though I don’t head to Hanlan’s Point too often anymore.  It requires a ferry ride… and a bit of a walk.  And since everyone has an iPhone (or equivalent) these days with a built-in camera and video recorder, what was once a fun one-off skinny dip can now result in your big white ass being put on Youtube before you dry yourself off.

iPhones giveth and they taketh away.

So I’m more inclined to wear my swim trunks these days.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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8 responses to “It’s So Hot the Toronto Island Ferry Took Off His Slip

  1. Robert Power

    14 in St. John’s today. We have had a warm week so far… mid to high 20’s. But the wind changed direction this afternoon and we got colder temps with rain and fog (and several cancelled Air Canada flights).

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  5. I always figure my body is not getting any BETTER as I age, so make hay while the sun shines. Get naked. Who cares.
    In other news, “he risk of being charged” should I think be “the risk of being charged” and in the title, the boat should be a she, her slip, surely.
    Please write another post about going naked and your subsequent Youtube ass.

    • I agree. If you want to enjoy the sun on your bare skin, why not. Like Randy The Naked Beach Chair Guy says, “it’s about freedom”.

      Yes, ‘he’ should be ‘the’ but that is a pun on Ferry/Fairy. It’s an old homophobic vaudeville gag (and used -over and over – in the film Top Banana). “It’s so hot that the Staten Island Fairy took off his slip.” I guess it’s funnier spoken than written. 🙂

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