New review for my novel, Shirts and Skins.
Thanks, Gerry!

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shirts and skins - coverA remarkable debut novel from Jeffrey Luscombe-a compelling series of linked stories of a young man’s coming-out, coming-of-age, and coming-to-terms with his family and fate. Josh Moore lives with his family on the ‘wrong side’ of Hamilton, a gritty industrial city in southwestern Ontario. As a young boy, Josh plots an escape for a better life far from the steel mills that lined the bay. But fate has other plans and Josh discovers his adult life in Toronto is just as fraught with as many insecurities and missteps as his youth and he soon learns that no matter how far away he might run, he will never be able to leave his hometown behind.

Front cover design: Seth Ruggles Hiler

shirts and skins - authorAbout the author: Jeffrey Luscombe was born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. He holds a BA and MA in English from the University of Toronto. He…

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  1. I’m honoured to Appear on The Gay RoomI have book marked your location and will visit again.

    Gerry Burnie

  2. Any chance of the library getting the ebook? I think I’ll buy it anyway, I want to read your shit!

    • As far as I know the library has only ordered paperbacks as of yet. Are you in Toronto? It’s available at Glad Day. And Indigo/Chapters/Coles may not have copies in-store but will order (I just confirmed today that am doing a signing on the Friday before Pride at the Eaton Centre Indigo).

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