Goodbye 2012


Happy 2013 From The Gay Groom!

If you think year-end blogs are the pits to read you should try writing one every year.

But I digress.

But 2012 had some great changes for your humble blogger. Of course the first (and largest) being the publication of my novel, Shirts and Skins.  Of which, longtime readers will remember that I discussed writing the thing… shall we say “ad nauseum”?

And in February I went for the book jacket photo shoot.

An exciting moment in the life of an author to be sure. Though I don’t want to do it again… and will use the same photo for the next five books if I can get away with it.

Alice Munro used the same photo for like twenty-five years.


Jeffrey’s Book Jacket Photo Shoot

As I edited the novel for the final times, I also had the exiting moment when an author sees his book cover for the first time.

And on July 16, 2012, it was finally published…


Shirts and Skins by Jeffrey Luscombe

And in a surprising turn… it seemed that folks liked it.  I mean they really liked it!  Who would have thought that a story about a sexually confused boy from an industrial city in Canada would connect with people from all over the world.

But connect it did!


My book in the bookstores.

Of course that is not the end when one publishes a book. In fact in many ways, it’s just the beginning. My first review was excellent and I did my first bookstore reading at Glad Day Bookstore in Toronto and then another reading/signing in my hometown of Hamilton.

Jeffrey's Hamilton Reading - Nov 2012 002

Jeffrey’s Book Display, Hometown Reading

Jeffrey's Hamilton Reading - Nov 2012 008

Jeffrey’s Hometown Reading – Nov 2012


Jeffrey’s Hometown Book Signing

Later I did a number of radio shows and an interview with Huffington Post with fellow author Kergan Edward-Stout.

And then – quite unexpectedly I assure you – for a time I was number three on Amazon Canada in Gay and Lesbian books.

Yes, I’m on top of Jeanette Winterson.


But enough already about my book.

Spring came early again to Toronto. In March we hit 77 degrees and  your humble blogger sat himself on a cafe chair and pretty much stayed there until October.


Jeffrey with his feet up. March in Toronto

It got so hot in Toronto in 2012, your humble blogger even looked at (took a peek) at Toronto’s only clothing optional beach.

The things I do for my readers!


Getting naked on the clothing optional beach

Though The Husband and I spent most of our time close to home this year – not so for 2013, by the way – in August 2012 we did get to New York City for a long weekend where The Gay Groom was lucky to see gay icon – and sexy bugger – Ricky Martin in Evita.


Jeffrey in Times Square, August 2012


Ricky Martin in Evita

But I digress again.

When September rolled around, I met up with the first guy your humble blogger ever… well you know.  It turned out to be quiet a sweet moment… though the Gay Groom has never done ‘sweet’ as well as some others out there.

Also in September, I did a turn volunteering with AIDS Council of Toronto for their Fashion Cares 25 Event.

Yes, I met Elton John.

Fashion Cares: A Night Of Glitter & Light Featuring Elton John - Show

Elton John at Fashion Cares 25

Your Humble Blogger Volunteering at Fashion Cares. Royal York Hotel

Your Humble Blogger Volunteering at Fashion Cares. Royal York Hotel

In October, the Husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. And doesn’t everyone know that the third wedding anniversary is the leather anniversary?

That’s actually true…


And we can hardly go past November without discussing one of the most important moments that affected all of us…

Now THAT was a great night!


In December I returned to my hometown of Hamilton for a second signing… and we sold out of copies of Shirts and Skins.

Not a bad day at all!


Jeffrey signing books at J.H. Gordon Bookstore, December 2012

And before you knew it the year was almost over and the Xmas season was here again.

Wait… did I mention the Ikea Money?


It’s pretty bad when a monkey has a better coat than I do.

Now back to Xmas

Note to spouses of any persuasion (be they gay or straight): giving a frying pan for Xmas is really not the best gift idea.

In fact the Husband will be hearing about it for the next twelve months.


Yes, the Husband gave me a frying pan for Xmas.

So that was 2012 in a nutshell.  And what’s on tap for 2013? A lot! But you will have to wait for another blog…

Have a safe and prosperous 2013!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom




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6 responses to “Goodbye 2012

  1. The frying pan made me a fan of your husband. The expression on your face tells it all!

  2. What an exciting year you had! One of the high points of my year was meeting you those two (or was it three?) times. This is coupled with a sadness that I am in Toronto so infrequently that we can’t meet more often.

    I howled with laughter at the your expression in the frying pan picture. Your husband is just Mr. Practical, nothing wrong with that! But I think you should have your gay card revoked for posting such as bed-head picture of yourself for all the world to see. That took courage!!

    I wish you and your husband all the best in 2013.

    • Thanks, Buddy! It was great seeing/meeting you this year as well. Looking forward to seeing you again in the spring… also enjoying your blog… love hearing about gaylings learning to fly 🙂
      Yes, the hair was a freight. But honest 🙂
      Have a great 2013! Looking forward to hearing your adventures in topping 😉

  3. You have had quite a year! Congratulations and best wishes for an even happier 2013!

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