I Am Outta Here! For a Couple of Weeks, Anyway…


It’s been a chilly few days here in Toronto!

Makes me wish we were sweltering in that clothing optional beach weather again.  But alas I am not… not yet anyway.

And in Toronto these last few days it has dropped to minus 20 (that’s in Celsius – I’d convert to Fahrenheit for my American readers but that would require math).

So we have been wearing our woolies!


Gratuitous photo of sexy guy in long underwear.

But your humble blogger will be peeling off the long underwear soon because he is going on vacation next week!

More of that in a moment…

First a bit about what The Gay Groom has been doing the last couple of weeks. First of all… I did a radio show on the Mike Chalut Show on PrideFM. This was my 4th radio show that I’ve done since my book, Shirts and Skins, came out in late summer.

Mike Chalut was a charming guy and a lot of fun to chat with.

And radio shows are great. Even better are radio shows that allow you to do your interview with a call in from home (as I did with a couple of shows in New York and Florida) – then you don’t even have to wear pants. But since I went to the PrideFM station for my interview with Mike… I wore pants.

And sales of the Shirts and Skins have been doing VERY well…


Gratuitous book plug.

I have been long-listed for a Lambda Award and a Triangle Award.  I am also up for a Toronto Book Award.


I was also told that the Toronto Public Library and my alma mater, The University of Toronto Library will also carry my novel.

Over the last few weeks I have also been working hard on my second novel (whose working title is “Second Novel”).  And I am looking forward to (once I get back from vacation) going back into my writing cave and really getting down to it. I do love my writer’s cave.

Now back to that vacation…

I am heading down to Fort Lauderdale to a guesthouse for a few days and then going on an Atlantis big gay Caribbean cruise.

That’s 3700 gay men in the middle of the Caribbean.

With definitely no long underwear!


Gratuitous swimsuit photo
Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas

I will also be celebrating his 45th birthday out there on the high seas.

Not a bad way to celebrate.

Here is a photo blog of our last cruise (Mexican Rivera that time) if you were interested in just what such a thing would look like:

Big Gay Mexican Cruise 2011.

And though I am on vacation, your tireless humble blogger is going to try and blog whilst out at sea.

We have planned stops at St. Maarten, St. Kitts and San Juan (all those saint places) and will try and grab free wi-fi where I can.

See you soon!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom




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6 responses to “I Am Outta Here! For a Couple of Weeks, Anyway…

  1. Andrew Mangy

    Good for you. Have a great time. Even if the weather isn’t super balmy the temp on the ship will be! Enjoy

  2. It all sounds fabulous! I love how positive and exuberant you are about all the fantastic things happening in your life. Have fun!!

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