I’m a Mac Now


My trip to the Toronto Eaton Centre Apple Store

Last week Your Humble Blogger bought a MacBook.

The decision to buy the Mac over the PC was not an easy one. I spent a few weeks doing research before finally making the decision. The question wasn’t whether the Mac was a good laptop. It was. The question was ‘is the Mac worth the extra cost?’

And the extra cost is substantial for a poor writer such as myself (see donation button below).

Ask that question – is the Mac worth the extra cost – on Facebook or Twitter (which I did) and Apple People (henceforth called APs) will tell you (over and over – and often in CAPS) that it is.

Though they weren’t always able to tell me why.

But it boiled down to my old PC. I bought my Dell a few years back (I wrote all of my novel, Shirts and Skins, on it) and have had problems quite quickly. My battery burnt out after a year (that always happens with the Dell Inspiron, I was told). The replacement battery burnt out as well and I refused to buy a third. I also had problems with slow virus protection on older Dells as well.

And of course there was the cerulean screen of death that kept me from using the laptop for a few months last year.

I came to really dislike my Dell laptop.

So I bought a Mac.


Jeffrey’s new MacBook

I was on the fence for a while but after Your Humble Blogger received a rather nice royalty cheque for Shirts and Skins … well he decided to fork out the extra cash and and give Apple a try.

It would be, after all, what I will finish my second novel on.

Will I become an AP now?

So tell me.  Are you are a PC or a Mac,? Which do you prefer? Do you think I wasted my money or was it a good move?

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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15 responses to “I’m a Mac Now

  1. I must say, that for years I had championed Microsoft and Windows. Mostly because, there was not much that could be done to WindowsXP (the last operating system I used of Microsoft) that I couldn’t undo, or fix, or hardware I couldn’t at least repair, or replace. There weren’t a lot of tricks you had to learn because there were often several ways of doing something and you just had to pick which was more efficient for you. Over time, I had noticed that I had to reformat my hard drives about once a year or two. Batteries on my laptops never seemed to last very long, and well…the less said about Dell, probably the better. I had only bought Sony computers anyway, but had to fix many a family members Dell and I always suggested tossing it in the trash and buying something else.

    Then, I went back to college to get a degree in film and video production. The instructors there were adamant, “There will be NO use of Windows computers here,” — thus sayeth the lord. Well, I had to learn a new platform, and a new way of doing things, and new software. Eventually, because of my workload in school, I ended up buying a Mac Pro for my schoolwork. In short, BEST DECISION EVER. Not only has it performed admirably in the five years I’ve had it, there had only been two issues which were so easily resolved, and being a Mac Pro, it is fairly easily upgradeable. Over time, I’ve really learned that doing things on one OS, is really not all that different than doing things on the *other* OS. So far, it’s just been what kind of headaches do I want to deal with in the maintenance of my OS and hardware?

    My only problem now is, the difficulty I have in helping family members with their old beater Windows machines. Can I video chat with them easily? No, I have to harp on them to download Skype and use it as it’s practically the only cross-platform video chat available. Remote assistance? Only just recently has that even been made available, and by Google Chrome no less. However, even that requires that person I’m helping install Chrome, and the remote assist plugins etc.

    Now when someone asks me, “What kind of computer should I buy?” I, without hesitation, recommend Apple. Even though I realize, they’ll just buy whatever is the cheapest in the end, and they’ll get exactly what they paid for.

  2. wcs

    I’m on my third Dell (one laptop and two desktops). Our household has always been windows based and I don’t have much experience with apple products. Husband used to work for an apple software subsidiary, but worked on pc’s mostly. I have a friend who uses apple exclusively but is always having problems. I’ve had my share of problems with the windows world, for sure. I think it’s just an individual thing and, if you’re a reasonable human being, you adjust to whichever platform you have or choose to have. I mean, it’s not like it’s a religion, right? Right? Umm….

  3. Garry

    welcome to the mac family Jeffrey!

  4. I tried MacBook some years back and didn’t take to it at all. Poof, expensive MacBook gets put away into a drawer not to be used again.

    Then last year I gave MacBook a second expensive chance buying a new one and this time, magic. I love MacBook now.

  5. It seems you went through what I am experiencing with my Dell. And I’m considering a MacBook. I’m still on the fence, but looking closely at my budget.

    • I’m still not sure it’s worth the extra 40% or whatever it is… but will see. If it lasts three or four years (and lets me write a couple of more books) I’ll be happy. 🙂

  6. ivansblogworld

    Welcome to the Mac family, we have the iMac, MacBook Pro, iPads, Apple TV, iPhones etc etc… It’s an addiction. Hope you enjoy this as much as we do… Ivan

    • I’m digging it thus far, Ivan. Though I’m not a fan of iPhotos; it’s clunky.

      • ivansblogworld

        What ever works for you, it’s just a phone and the new iPhone is slightly less bulky but once an apple always an apple fan. Glad you enjoying the Mac… Ivan

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