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In spring a ‘young’ man’s thoughts turn to… his webpage.

After having the domain for years (five to be exact), this weekend Your Humble Blogger finally decided to get off his cyber squating ass and reach deep into the knowledge base of his computer consultant past.

I made a web page.

By the way, when did we stop saying ‘www’?

But I digress.

Now it is not the first time I have created my own website. Back in the late 90s I designed the webpage for my computer consulting site “Luscombe Systems Inc.”.  Back then I used Microsoft Frontpage to create my consulting webpage.

But, as I appear to have been the last to know, Microsoft Frontpage had bit the dust long ago.

Much as Luscombe Systems Inc. had bit the dust long ago.

But during the time I was a consultant, I did generate a lot of business through that website – business that would take Your Humble Blogger from Toronto to Atlanta to London to Birmingham to Dallas to San Diego to Miami (any many others places in Europe and North America).

Ah, the 90s!

All I really remember about the 90s is smoking cigars and drinking cognac.  And wondering what I was going to do with all that money I was making in sure-win tech stocks like…

But I digress again.

So last weekend I found a host and designed my webpage. It will provide all the information about my books, writing, blogs, appearances etc.

It was a lot of fun too.

So have a look at and let me know what you think!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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  1. banphrionsacait

    I wish I didn’t know what Frontpage is, but since I am only a year younger and did Web design in the 90s… 😉

  2. I love your website! It looks great!! I’d love to attend one of your readings one day.

    I liked using MS Frontpage in the early 90s when I was setting up my website for my classroom teaching. (I still have my website, by the way. It’s now very extensive and my students use it daily.)

    But once I had the basic templetes set up, I quickly abandoned Frontpage in favour of using HTML code to copy and then edit existing pages.

    • That’s exactly what I did. I also used to steal HTML source code from other websites 🙂

      • Yes, I used to steal code too! Now I feel horribly guilty about it. The teacher’s website I regularly borrowed from is now a superintendent with my Board and I constantly think that I’m going to be “found out.” Also there was an error in my original comment; it was the late 90s…

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