Did I Ever Tell You That I Had an Affair with Someone in “Titanic”

Today is the 101st anniversary of the sinking of The RMS Titanic.

Now I do not profess to be a Titanic scholar – or knowledgeable in any way about the sea disaster that killed 1571 people in the north Atlantic however…

It  just so happens that Your Humble Blogger has an absolutely true Titanic story.

I had sex – over and over – with someone who was in the 1997 James Cameron Academy Award winning blockbuster film Titanic.

This is usually the point in my story when someone asks me if it was Kathy Bates. Well I do adore Kathy Bates but, no, it was not her.

If you recall, Titanic was the story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt-Something-or-Other who fell in love on a sinking ship. She was rich; he was poor.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly the most original of screenplays.

Perhaps even some of you hopeless romantics have ventured out to see the re-release of Titanic now in 3D (by the way, can I just say that I really really hope that we’re about ready to toss this latest 3D craze in the dumpster along with Bwana Devil and Jaws 3).

Back in 1997 we didn’t need 3D. And the glasses would have mussed up our hair.

But I digress.

Anyway, in 1998 your humble blogger was in Napa for a conference and met a guy I’ll call “Peter”.  Peter was one of the hundreds of extras who perished in the film. He was from San Diego and had travelled to Cameron’s set in Mexico to throw on a tuxedo and life jacket and walk behind Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. You can see him on the staircase behind them, actually.

He was a very sexy guy.

Ironically, our affair lasted about as long as Rose and Jack’s did. He was unavailable (married or engaged or something), lived on the other side of a different country etc.  And so, three days later, when the conference was over, we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

(Okay, so it wasn’t the most exciting Titanic story ever told – but it’s the only one I got. Would you have preferred to hear about my brief affair with a Power Ranger?)

But to this day, even though The Gay Groom is a happily married man, whenever I hear that haunting flute at the beginning of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, I think of Peter.

No pun (too) intended.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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5 responses to “Did I Ever Tell You That I Had an Affair with Someone in “Titanic”

  1. Robert Power

    Okay we need the exact time on the DVD when we can see him, so as to get a proper visual. The movie is 3 hours long and “on the staircase” is way too vague. lol

  2. flyiboy

    Agreed with Mr Power.. What has happened to him?

  3. He probably tells his friends he had an affair with an author!

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