This Was One “Far Out” Ladies Book Club!


Jeffrey with the Hamilton ladies book club.

Ah, that hometown hospitality!

On Thursday I was invited to discuss my novel, Shirts and Skins, at a ladies book club in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario (where my novel is set).

The ladies were absolutely charming and I had a great time discussing Shirts and Skins. It is always fun to discuss my book with readers in a relaxed setting such as someone’s home. In fact, time flew by and suddenly three hours had passed.

And these ladies went all out for Your Humble Blogger.

I was deeply moved and surprised that these ladies took the time to actually incorporate certain things from Shirts and Skins into the book club night. For example, they had included food on their menu that I referenced in the book (Peek Freans, Pop Shop soda etc).

The ladies also picked up some rainbow flag cupcakes!


Rainbow cupcakes

I should mention that it was at this moment Your Humble Blogger discovered that ladies book clubs eat much better than their male counterparts.

At least better than my men’s book club!

And how nice it was to learn the ladies also put together a CD with music I mentioned in the book (Bruce Springsteen, Edith Piaf). And most surprisingly, they had found an album I mentioned in the chapter “Just a Taste”.

The album was Far Out.


Far Out

Far Out was a 1975 “As Seen on TV” album from Ronco which promised “20 Original Hits”.  Hits that included Abba, Hot Chocolate, Jigsaw and K.C. and the Sunshine Band.  And just like my character Josh Moore, we also had this album when I was young.

So, on this Sunday afternoon in April,  I thought I’d post some of those songs from Far Out for those of you who enjoy a stroll down memory lane.  Though you may find these songs don’t hold up quite as well as others.

And yes, “Feelings” is still a terrible song.

But first a big thank you to the ladies of the west end book club of Hamilton! And thanks again for the gift of the Matt Jelly print of the east end of Hamilton.

It’s already hanging up in my office.

Ladies, you were far out!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom


Jeffrey with his Matt Jelly print of east Hamilton

Now some Far Out tunes from 1975:



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2 responses to “This Was One “Far Out” Ladies Book Club!

  1. That must have been very cool; the incredible effort put forth by those ladies. You must have felt so special ….. the Queen of the Day!!

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