LGBTQ+ Rights Around The World


Here is my article on LGBTQ+ rights around the world I wrote for PinkPlayMags.

Unfortunately, my interview with Richard Lusimbo the Ugandan LGBTI rights activist was cut in half due to a publishing error. I hope the whole interview will be uploaded to their website soon.

To read the entire article (minus the second half of the Lusimbo interview) click here!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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3 responses to “LGBTQ+ Rights Around The World

  1. Wow, well researched, Jeff! I can’t believe how many countries came so late to declaring same-sex activity legal, let alone marriage or adoption. And it’s shocking for me to know there are places where you could be thrown in jail for being gay and I could be thrown into the cell beside you, for not reporting you. Articles like this are a great education, and shows us that there is much to do to promote human rights. Also, it makes me want to hug Canada a little tighter. We live in a great country.

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