Happy Easter from The Gay Groom


So it’s Easter again, eh?

And how (you may ask yourself) does an atheist such as Your Humble Blogger celebrate Easter?

Probably the same way as you – with chocolate and ham.

But being the Gay Groom, I had a chocolate high-heel pump. Just in case I wasn’t gay enough.


The Easter Bunny left a chocolate high-heel pump.

But how (I asked myself)  can a heathen such as myself send the proper greetings to my readers?

So, after much consideration (well not too much consideration, I do have a life) and since I do not wish to insult anyone (much), I am providing the following two videos…

The first is very sweet and charming (Judy Garland singing “Easter Parade” from the film of the same name) and the second is very sacrilegious and hilariously ironic (from The Life of Brian).

Thus feel free to choose which Easter greeting you’d prefer…


Or Sacriligious

Happy Easter!

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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4 responses to “Happy Easter from The Gay Groom

  1. No one could claim you’re not gay enough, Jeffrey.
    Happy bunny day to you and Sean.

  2. As with most pagan holidays ripped off by those olden Christians, I simply ignore the religious aspect and embrace the turkey. Mind you, it is a rather powerful story, to be sure, but deific worship is beyond me. So saying, here’s to any reason to celebrate and indulge.

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