5 Novels Set In Hamilton (Spoiler: I’m at the top of the list!)

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Here I am at the top of the list in today’s CBC News article on Hamilton and literature: “With its mysterious past and ‘rough edges,’ Steeltown is a literary character unto itself.”

For Jeffrey Luscombe, Hamilton isn’t just a dot on the map or a place to set his novel. It’s a living, breathing character of its own.

The Hamilton-born Luscombe used the city for his 2012 novel Shirts and Skins, a coming-of-age story about a gay youth growing up in Hamilton’s industrial west end. It features the steel mills that line the bay, the smoke stacks and the brick buildings, and the city’s time-honoured working class…

To read the full CBC article click here.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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7 responses to “5 Novels Set In Hamilton (Spoiler: I’m at the top of the list!)

  1. Hey Jeffrey! David and I are coming to Toronto this August – will you be around to have a cup of tea or a beer?

  2. Well done! Cream of the crop and top of the heap! Not a bad position to find oneself in. Bravo Jeffrey!

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