What The Atlantis Gay Cruisers Were Reading This Year

Celebrity Cruise 2014 248

When packing for a gay cruise, some of the essentials you will find in a gay man’s bag are a skimpy swimsuit, sunscreen, flip flops, (hopefully) condoms, an industrial-sized bottle of lube and last, but certainly not least, a book.

So what were the erudite young (and not so young) gay men taking to read on this year’s Atlantis cruise? Turns out that the selection this year was as varied as the men on board…

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Jeffrey, The Gay Groom




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8 responses to “What The Atlantis Gay Cruisers Were Reading This Year

  1. Just when I thought a cruise would result in some cruising, it appears reading is the new way to attract the ttrue intellectual cognoscenti on board. I’m all for expanding, well, ones mind. What better way to spread out ones interests than to snuggle up to a good book! BTW, I’d be thrilled to have you wield your Sharpie at me while reading your book!

  2. I always bring several books, for my mind flits from one to the other when I feel one is ‘enough’. I like a bit of nonsense, and something non-fiction to go with it. Finally there is always a bit of ‘classic fiction’. I confess the later is a bit for display. I hope it broadcasts I have something of a brain. Seeing the title “Bleak House” on the cover of my book makes a nice contrast to my nekkid sunbathing. Better than ‘Boy Sluts from Mars”.

    • I always take a few and am lucky to get through one. My eyes are known to wander. As you will discover if you are ever doing your nekkid sunbathing by me! 🙂

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