A Few Videos From Gran Canaria


After the beach, Gran Canaria

Here is a Jeffrey climbing to the top of the dunes. I nearly dropped dead but my readers are worth it! The view was gorgeous and an iPhone video can hardly do it justice.

And from the bottom of the dunes I took a video as close to the beach as I dared. The sign says Nudista Ar…

And our final evening on the island the Husband and I went to the seashore for an Italian dinner. It turned out to be the best dinner I had in Spain:

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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3 responses to “A Few Videos From Gran Canaria

  1. Oh what fun! Great vids GG! I’m sure the images, as well as the sun, will sear into your head and leave you with a most wonderful, warm feeling. Mind you, Sean seems to be wearing his warm feeling on his face, so much for SPF 1000! Hugs from here and welcome home come Monday.

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