Halloween on Church Street: A (Very) Short Video


Jeffrey didn’t spend much time on his costume (or makeup).


It was a cool wet Halloween night on Church Street in Toronto this year but still the gays (who are better at Halloween than ANYBODY) and their admirers came out in droves! A fun night was had by all.

Here is a (very) short video I took of the street.

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom

PS: How I looked at the end of the night….


Jeffrey taking off his makeup. I think this one is even scarier!



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3 responses to “Halloween on Church Street: A (Very) Short Video

  1. I love ‘death’ costumes on Halloween.
    It was groovy seeing Church St. as the only time I ever see it is in August. It helps to realize Canada/Toronto is not in a perpetual state of summer.

  2. HA! Yes, the aftermath is often scarier than the actual event, don’t ya find? I try to avoid Halloween festivities mostly; there may be sighting of clowns, and THAT is the kind of thing I won’t be having!!

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