Hockey Skates: The Worst Christmas Gift EVER

Honoured to have Puck Buddies (for boys who like boys who like hockey) run my article on my worst Xmas gift every.


This may be the start of a holiday tradition for us. We found this this piece by Jeffrey Luscombe, in which he tells the story of a gay kid [a good Ontario boy] getting hockey skates for Christmas – and hating it. Despite his dad wanting him to be a great hockey player, putting him on skates at two, it didn’t stick. Given the chance on ice, he was more drawn to Dorothy Hamill than an NHLr. Jeffrey graciously allowed us to repost. 

Continuing with my “Christmas in the 70s” series, I look back gifts. Not the gifts I wanted and received like my pogo stick, the soundtrack album to The Sound of Music or my Stretch Armstrong (or even the ones I really wanted but couldn’t mention like an Easy Bake Oven), but the one I received almost every Christmas and never ever wanted.

Hockey skates.

Jeffrey skates Jeffrey not…

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2 responses to “Hockey Skates: The Worst Christmas Gift EVER

  1. Tommy

    When I was 5 I got a washing machine you could add water and soap and make the agitator work. I used to play laundry with Bridgette across the street. I bought a vintage mystery date game last year, the dud is now the stud!

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